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Frequently Asked Order Testing Questions

Q: Priority testing: What are my options for ordering tests on outpatients?
A: The following priority codes may be used:

ROUTINE: The majority of routine laboratory testing is completed on the day the specimen is collected, with results delivered within 24hrs

FAX: Results are faxed upon completion to the number indicated, regardless of time of day.
(Note: Reports of tests ordered with a FAX priority are also sent to your office via the laboratory report distribution method for your office, ie. printer, courier, etc.).

CALL DURING WORKING HOURS: Results are called upon completion during normal working hours.

CALL: Results are called upon completion to the number indicated, regardless of time of day.

STAT: Tests are prioritized as critical and results are called upon completion regardless of time of day.

Q: How do I obtain a Lab Order Form/Requisition?
A: Lakeland provides physicians with Pathology/Cytology Request and Laboratory Service Order Sheet. Both forms may be ordered online or by contacting Laboratory Client Services at 269-983-8311 or 800-513-9193.

Q: What information is required on a Lab Order Form/Requisition?
A: Click on the following links to view required information instructions (note: hover over keys)
Pathology/Cytology Request
Laboratory Service Order Sheet

Lakeland Laboratory will also accept order forms printed from physician office systems as long as the following required information is included:

  • patient name
  • date of birth
  • diagnosis code(s)
  • requested test(s)
  • physician signature

Q: Where can I send my patients to be drawn?
A: Locations

Q: How do I find the most updated Medicare National Coverage Determinations and Local Coverage Determinations that apply to laboratory testing?
A: Links to ...

Local Coverge Determinations & National Coverage Determinations

Medicare National Coverage Determinations

Q: Can I add testing to a specimen that is already in the lab?
A: Specimen requirements and specimen stability may limit what tests can be added on to an existing sample. Contact Laboratory Client Services for specific questions at 269-983-8311 or 800-513-9193. To add on tests to specimens already in the laboratory please fax an order to Lakeland Laboratory Client Services at 269-983-1904. Telephone requests for additional testing may be called to a Client Services Representative and must be followed with a written order - faxes are acceptable.

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