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Lew Burchard
Lew Burchard, 70, has been to Mayo Clinic. It’s generally regarded as one of the best health systems in the nation. His wife, Lynnette, was treated there in 2004, and they left impressed.

Howard McLauchlin
Late last summer, Berrien Springs resident and local real estate business owner Howard McLauchlin learned he needed to have surgery to remove his prostate because of a cancerous growth. Howard’s urologist, David Terhune, MD, of Lakeside Urology, recommended that the surgery be performed by his colleague, Benjamin Stockton, MD, using the da Vinci® Surgical System at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph. This procedure is complex due to the prostate’s close proximity to the bladder, bowel, and many nerves and blood vessels.

Gina Anderson
Tennis was always an important part of Gina Anderson’s life. An avid player in college, Gina continued the sport as she settled into her post-academic life.

Kim Wasserman
Kim Wasserman, RN, knew something was guiding her to take an alternate route to work on that early September morning. She was heading back to Lakeland Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph for a meeting after spending most of the morning in Niles.

Bill Cox
Bill Cox, a 66 year-old lifelong resident of St. Joseph, had no idea what was going to happen during the last weeks of March. He had not been feeling well since Christmas, was tired and had no energy. Bill also had an irritating cough that wasn’t getting any better, so he made an appointment to see his family physician.

Rudy Koshar
Rudy Koshar of St. Joseph faced a life or death situation. His heart was giving out again. He’d had a quintuple-bypass surgery in 1998, and at age 91, his doctors nixed another open heart surgery. They gently sent him home with a prognosis of about a year. He and his wife, Dorothy, even went to Chicago looking for second opinions and came home with no new options.

Elaine Bokhart
After losing her 56-year-old mother to a heart attack, Elaine Bokhart of Mishawaka was all too aware that she could also be at risk for the same fate.

Lee Sadler

Ethel Daggitt

Bill Cox
Bill Cox says that men shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about prostate cancer—and to get screened. The St. Joseph resident, who initially began screenings for prostate cancer eight years ago, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003, after his results showed a steady incline in the amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in his blood, which can be an early indicator of prostate cancer.

Joseph Raineri
When Joseph Raineri of Berrien Springs woke up one November morning feeling congestion in his chest, he thought his discomfort was the beginning of pneumonia.

However, when Joseph went to the Emergency Department at Lakeland Community Hospital, Niles, staff members immediately knew that his pain was a sign that his heart was in serious trouble.

Sheila Krohne
Experts agree that the best way to fight breast cancer is with an annual mammogram. Sheila Krohne of Sister Lakes has become a cheerleader for making sure that women understand the importance of getting an annual mammogram.

Charmain Farnan
When Charmain Farnan of St. Joseph traveled to New York recently, she

Marcie Shindeldecker
Marcie Shindeldecker of Benton Harbor hosted thousands of patrons at the St. Joseph Elks Lodge during her 40-year career. But her leg pain began to interfere with her work, and she couldn’t continue to be on her feet every day. Then Marcie heard about a new procedure, the X-Stop, which could help people with leg pain caused by pinched nerves.

Mitch Cross
Last August, Mitch Cross was a typical 17 year-old, gearing up for another football season at Bridgman High School. But after having a seizure, Mitch underwent an MRI that revealed a tumor in his brain.

Jacqueline Dickerson
When Jacqueline Dickerson woke up with chest pain, she thought about ignoring it. The 78-year-old Stevensville resident figured that she was still feeling the effects of a recent bout of pneumonia. But thanks to the telemonitor in her home, Jacqueline received rapid medical attention that saved her life.

Diana Cotter
Diana Cotter’s mobile home grooming service forced her to do something about the pain in her hip. It led to a complete turnaround in only four weeks with a new procedure called hip resurfacing, an alternative to hip replacement. “I didn’t know the arthritis had progressed so far till I saw the X-rays,” she noted.

Betty Tilly
When Betty Tilly, a registered nurse in Lakeland’s Radiology department, volunteered to undergo a breast MRI, she was helping create a protocol for the new program. She didn’t expect her screening to come back with a positive result.

Brian Heidenfelder
He didn’t believe it when it was happening to him. Not even several days later: he was not the kind of person this happened to. He had no family history of it, either. “We call this a Widow-Maker,” the doctor told him. “You were lucky. You dodged a bullet.”

Leona Rose
Leona Jean Rose, a 75-year-old mother of five, did her homework when doctors told her she was at risk of developing a stroke. “I familiarized myself with the symptoms of a stroke,” she says, “so that I would recognize them.”

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