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e-Results is software provided by Lakeland that allows deliverable results to be obtained by medical practices. Deliverable results can be obtained from Lab, Pathology, Microbiology, Radiology, EKG Reports, General Transcription (H&P's, Discharge Summaries, etc.)

Results can be obtained in two ways:

  • Paper-based practices that do not have an electronic medical record will use e-Results Viewer to print results at a time convenient for the practice, in alphabetical order, and without duplicates.
  • Practices with an EHR/EMR or document management system will receive results directly in the practice EHR through e-Results Integration. If the practice EHR can accept discrete data in HL7 format, then results and reports can flow directly to the patient chart or the physician's work list. The discrete data that e-Results Integration delivers allow your EHR to create flow sheets, reports, and enables other features provided by most HER systems.

Electronic delivery improves information exchange between Lakeland HealthCare and physician practices to improve physician satisfaction, improve patient care, and increase staff efficiency.

  • Reduces document management efforts in paper-based Practices
  • Reduces lost documents, call backs and speeds clinical decision-making and follow-up
  • Provides reliable delivery, improved privacy and security and a complete audit trail
  • Quickly installed; remotely configured, managed and supported

e-Results Integration Only

  • Reduces or eliminates unnecessary expense, effort and material waste (paper, toner, fax, mail)
  • Interfaces directly with EHR's throughout the community

e-Result Services

e-Results Viewer

  • Available at no charge to the practice
  • Software installs on the Physician Office Server/PC
  • Results are delivered within minutes of completion to a web page
  • Replaces current Lakeland supplied printers in offices
  • With minimal effort, results may be viewed or printed at any time and can also be set to print at specific times
  • Has tracking and audit capabilities
  • With a single click, all results and reports received overnight can be printed in alphabetical order by patient - with no duplicates or other unneeded transactions

e-Results Integration

  • e-Results Integration installs on Physician Office Server/PC
  • Results delivered to EHR within minutes of completion
  • Interface between Lakeland and Physician office EMR vendor
  • Lakeland pays the e-Results software fees and a one time sum of the initial charge of the EHR Vendor interface installation fees (Not including recurring or maintenance fees) There is no charge to the practice from Lakeland HealthCare

Recommendations / Specifications
Hardware Needed:
PC or server (can be running other applications) with:
Windows XP or 2000 operating system
Pentium 4 processor
512 MB Memory / 500 MB disk space

System Administrator: The Physician Practice will define a System Administrator to work with Lakeland and help with the installation and maintenance of the e-Results services.

Printer Troubleshooting Guide

For more information please contact the Lakealand HealthCare IT Department at 269-556-2878 or

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