Meeting the IM Alumni

Jennifer Conard, DO


Why I chose Lakeland: Community hospital that allows for accessible attendings and core continuity


Emily Dryer, DO



Why I chose Lakeland: Tight-knit, down to earth residents and attendings, small community feel of Saint Joseph


Dave Santini, DO


Why I chose Lakeland: THE LAKE, close to home, Chicago nearby, represented a community/hospital setting in which I could see myself working, the attending physicians


Kimberlee Tomerlin, DO


Why I chose Lakeland: I completed my core rotations in medical school at Lakeland, and felt I learned a lot from the attending physicians and residents. The residents were happy and all got along well with one another.


Krystle Wasmundt, DO


Why I chose Lakeland: I chose Lakeland because it’s in a small community. I grew up in a tiny town in Wisconsin, so I feel right at home here. Despite its size, the community is very diverse and subsequently there is a lot of pathology.

Erika Nearpass, DO


Kathryn Adams, DO


Seth Hauschild, DO


Tom Pfotenhauer, DO


Keith Mahin, DO


Alex Hinckley, DO


Ryan Langley, DO


Christopher Wills, DO


Asam Khan, DO


Kristen Murphy, DO


Courtney Chilton Palguta, DO


Elizabeth Schmidt, DO


Michael Morris, DO


Amanda Morris, DO


Alex Vera, DO


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