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Top 10 Health Apps

We know you live a busy life, and sometimes staying healthy isn't always easy. But what if you had the ability to manage your health right at the tip of your fingers? The good news is, if you own a smart phone, you do! While a health app can't replace your doctor, it can get you started on the track to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

With over 100,000 apps dedicated to mobile health now available, we want to help you find the one that will have the most impact on your journey to healthy living. Check back each month as we feature a new list of "Top 10 Health Apps" recommended by experts at Lakeland Health. 

If you have an app you'd like to see featured on the list, let us know!


Cody: Receive great workout plans from some of the top fitness coaches. Receive support from an amazing community of others using the app. Track and log your workouts, photos, progress, and more.


Human: A new kind of activity tracker. Don’t just track steps, track minutes! Human tracks how many minutes you have been active during the day— allowing you to check in and see when you need to get up and get moving.


HealthyOut: When you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating out isn’t easy. With the help of HealthyOut, find the healthiest meals from local restaurants. Use filters to find dishes that fit into your diet, including low calorie, low fat, high protein, and more.


MindShift: Almost everyone gets nervous now and then. It’s normal to have knots in your stomach before a test, or for your heart to race on a first date. But an anxiety disorder is much more than a case of nerves. Learn to cope with your anxiety with MindShift.

Ease into 5K

Ease Into 5K: Is running a 5k on your bucket list? Knock it off! Ease into a 5k with this beginner’s running plan. Designed for people who are just starting running, this eight week long plan will have you working out three times a week and will have you on the way to successfully running and finishing a 5k! 


Achievemint: If you’re already tracking your steps, why not get paid for them? Earn points for daily steps, logging food and calories, sleeping, and more. Earn 10,000 points and receive $10. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, so get moving!


Healthgrades: Read reviews of Lakeland physicians and hospitals from actual consumers/patients based on insurance, patient satisfaction, specialties, and more.


I’m Expecting Pregnancy App: Preparing for a new baby is exciting but it can also be overwhelming. Track your pregnancy day by day, watch your baby as they grow, and receive two new videos per week that show your baby’s development.

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius: Sleep is a key part of good health. Not getting enough sleep over a period of time is linked to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Find your ideal bedtime, use the relaxation program to decompress after a long day, and more.


Buddhify: Although meditation sounds simple, it takes discipline to remain still in body and mind. Meditation allows you to become more awake and more purposeful about your actions. Buddhify provides you with 80 different tracks to help you incorporate meditation into your daily life. 

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