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My Orthopedic Health Care Team

My Orthopedic Healthcare Team

With the help of your healthcare team, you’ll start rehab right after surgery. The first step is to control pain and swelling. You’ll also begin to strengthen your new hip by doing exercises in bed. These team members will be involved in your care post-surgery:

  • An orthopedic surgeon performs your surgery. He or she also oversees your treatment, checks your progress, and provides follow-up care.

  • A physician assistant or nurse practitioner assists your surgeon with surgery and post-operative care. He or she will help your surgeon take care of you while you are in the hospital.

  • Nurses monitor your recovery and help keep you comfortable.

  • A physical therapist (PT) designs a movement program that includes walking and hip exercises.

  • An occupational therapist (OT) teaches you life skills such as dressing and bathing.

  • A massage therapist uses manual techniques on soft tissues and joints to improve swelling, healing, movement and recovery.

  • A mental health therapist helps you cope with the impacts of your surgery and a return to your fullest potential.

Follow-up care

After you leave the hospital, your surgeon will give you specific self-care instructions. It will be important to follow your discharge plan including knowing when your follow up appointments are scheduled.

After surgery, see your surgeon for follow-up visits as directed. These visits help your surgeon check that your hip is healing well. To check joint stability over time, you may need to have an X-ray every year or two.

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