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Your Recovery Team for Traumatic Brain Injury

*TBI Recovery Team ... Recovery Team TBI ... You need to be an active member of your recovery team and work closely with all the other team ... members of your recovery team is you. You need to be an active member of your recovery team and work ... 41412; Your recovery team for traumatic brain injury; your recovery team for TBI

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Cancer HC Team Ch ... children react to illness and hospitalization. This team member helps you and your child cope while ... A team of highly trained specialists will help manage your child’s care. You and your child will ... 40339; cancer in children, your child's health care team; child cancer, health care team; pediatric cancer, health care team

Your Amputation Team

*Amputation Team ... counselors can answer your questions about life after surgery. Ask your healthcare team to put you in touch with a peer counseling program in your area. ... Before and after surgery, you’ll work closely with a team of experts. The members of your team ... 88858; Your amputation team; who will perform amputations; surgical team for amputation; amputation, surgical team members

8 Tips for Communicating Well with Your Healthcare Provider

release form granting your family member or friend the right to talk about your treatment or other ... is comfortable doing this. For some, it takes time to learn how to be an active team member. You may ... cancer questions, communicating with doctor, talk with doctor about cancer

Mouth and Throat Tumors: Your Healthcare Team

*Tumor Mouth Throat HC Team ... . Always have another person with you when you talk with a team member. Ask that person to take notes ... Your healthcare team will explain your options. They can answer any questions you have. They’ll ... 84512; mouth or throat tumors: your health care team; mouth tumors, health care team; throat tumors, health care team

Health Highlights: June 14, 2017

least one death, special agent Jeff Seipenko, a member of the state attorney general's team, told a ... manslaughter was filed against the head of the Michigan health department on Wednesday. Nick Lyon is

Radiation Therapy Team

*Radiation Therapy Team ... you in your fight against cancer. Your radiation therapy team will work with you during your ... treatment. Radiation Therapy Team Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or particles to kill ... 83867; radiation therapy team; radiation therapy goals; radiation therapy treatment plan

Boys More Likely to Hide a Concussion Than Girls

, new research reveals. The findings, derived from surveying nearly 300 young Michigan athletes ... . "Males are more worried about what their peers or coaches would think of them if they reported [their

Labor and Childbirth: Thinking About a Birth Plan

leaves room for the unexpected. Labor and Childbirth: Thinking About a Birth Plan A ... room for the unexpected. Your support team The team that helps you plan your childbirth may include ... 85730; labor and childbirth: thinking about a birth plan; birth plans; birth plan; what is a birth

Kidney Failure: Your Healthcare Team

*Kidney Failure HC Team ... The members of your health care team are the people who work with you to manage your treatment ... address your concerns and give you support. Work with your team to ensure that you feel your best ... Nephrology; kidney problems; nephrologist; dialysis technician; dietician; nutritionist; kidney health care team; kidney failure care; np1006a; 83148

Can the Fill-In Babysitter Handle an Emergency?

their children. But many parents fail to provide critical information about what to do in an emergency ... get in touch with another family member or friend, according to the survey. The results are from

Deciding About Resuscitation

ones about resuscitation and other treatments you may need in the future. Read on to learn more about ... resuscitation and what you need to know when deciding about this treatment. Deciding About ... 41119; Deciding about resuscitation; do not resuscitate

Understanding Craniectomy

*Craniectomy About ... pressure. The surgeon will use a drill and saw to remove a piece of your skull. The healthcare team will

Understanding Lead Extraction

*Extraction Lead About ... heart. The doctor will remove the leads from the heart using the sheath. The team will remove the leads

After Bypass Surgery: Visits with Your Healthcare Team

*CABG After HC Team ... team. After Bypass Surgery: Visits with Your Healthcare Team After your coronary artery bypass ... surgery, you'll have regular follow-up visits with your healthcare team. Expect to schedule: A

My Orthopedic Healthcare Team

*Orthopedic HC Team ... Learn who makes up your healthcare team for a hip replacement. My Orthopedic Healthcare Team ... With the help of your healthcare team, you’ll start rehab right after surgery. The first step is to

Brain Tumors: Helping a Family Member or Friend

been through a similar diagnosis and treatment program. Brain Tumors: Helping a Family Member or ... Friend When someone you care about has a brain tumor, it can be hard to know how to respond. News

The Pediatrics Orthopedic Team

Detailed information on each member of the pediatric orthopedic treatment team The Pediatrics ... Orthopedic Team Who treats pediatric orthopedic conditions? Orthopedic conditions may be treated

Cooling Down Sibling Rivalries When They Heat Up

number two is born, according to experts at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital of Michigan Medicine ... . Elementary school kids who have learned about sharing may act out if they think a younger sibling -- such as

Understanding Clavicle Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)

*Fx Clavicle ORIF About ... orthopedic surgeon with a team of specialized nurses will do the surgery. The surgeon will make a ... well may also have a higher risk of problems. Talk with your healthcare provider about which risks apply most to you.

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