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StayWell Conflict of Interest Policy Employees StayWell expects its employees to devote their ... ., insider trading) or to the Company's detriment; Having a direct or indirect financial interest

Fixing a Bad Credit Rating

by financial institutions based on your history of paying your bills and loans on time. Lenders ... credit rating; bad credit rating; financial; debt;

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StayWell Editorial Policy Digital health content on StayWell Consumer Health Library (also ... -party licensees. StayWell Terms and Conditions policy governs the use of StayWell CHL and its

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StayWell Privacy Policy Personal Information StayWell Consumer Health Library (also known as ... quizzes found on StayWell CHL. Please review StayWell  Editorial Policy  for additional information

Indoor Tanning: A Big Financial Hit to U.S. Health Care

Indoor Tanning: A Big Financial Hit to U.S. Health Care TUESDAY, Feb. 28, 2017 (HealthDay News ... Carolina. "We know these devices have significant health and financial impacts, and with this study

More Cancers Caught in Wealthy People

Dr. Elliott Fisher, of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. "If we ... in a Dartmouth news release. He is director of the institute and a professor of health policy

Bullying Takes Financial Toll on U.S. School Districts

year Bullying Takes Financial Toll on U.S. School Districts THURSDAY, July 6, 2017 (HealthDay News

StayWell Evidence-Based Digital Health Content Development Policy

StayWell Evidence-Based Digital Health Content Development Policy Our commitment StayWell’s ... additional information on our editorial processes, please review StayWell  Editorial Policy . Medical

Many Doctors Get Payments From Drug Companies, Study Shows

But few patients know about financial incentives physicians receive Many Doctors Get Payments ... receive payments from drug companies, but few patients know about those financial ties, a new study

Later School Bell Could Boost U.S. Economy by $83 Billion Over Decade

success, and thoughts of suicide, the researchers said. Taking a long-term financial approach to ... and social scientist at the RAND Corporation. "From a policy perspective, the potential implications

Young Adults With Autism Need Help Managing Money: Study

financial skills is a big pothole on the road to independence for many young adults with autism, a new ... Professions. "According to the participants, the lack of financial skills has serious consequences on

For Caregivers: Future Planning for People with Dementia

now for the future. Talk with your loved one about legal and financial matters. You should also ... about legal and financial matters. You should also discuss the types of care he or she wants. Settling

Choosing a Provider

license. Bonding . A bond is a type of insurance policy for a provider. To become bonded, a ... certified, a provider must meet basic federal and state standards in patient care and financial management

Parkinson’s Disease: Planning for the Future

about the kinds of care you want in the future. Discuss legal and financial issues Financial and ... can often be complex. So you may wish to seek advice from professionals. These include financial

He Complains She Shops Too Much -- And Marriage Suffers

most likely to spark a financial conflict. This appears to be true of couples regardless of their ... ' perceptions of each other's spending behaviors were so predictive of financial conflict suggests that when

Marriage Could Bring Health Bonus to Older Same-Sex Couples

quagmire to reality -- and it may be one of the most profound changes to social policy in recent ... and more financial resources than those who were single. Married respondents had an edge on those in

Gunshot Wounds Cost U.S. Hospitals Nearly $7 Billion Over 9 Years

policy decisions." The study also found that about 40 percent of the total health cost of gunshot ... wounds comes out of government coffers. "It's a very high financial burden," Spitzer said. The

Suicide Risk Especially High for U.S. Farmers

. "Occupational factors such as poor access to quality health care, isolation and financial stress interact ... release. "Eventually, suicide becomes an option." Peek-Asa said potential policy solutions to stem

Recession Took Toll on Health of Rural Young Blacks

Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University, in Chicago. "But few, if any, studies ... in some groups than others, but the authors suggested that the worse a family's financial situation

Seniors' Brain Changes Could Make Them Vulnerable to Scams

falling prey to financial scams, a small new study suggests. The first-of-its-kind study found a ... biological basis -- rather than poor decision-making skills -- underlying financial exploitation in

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