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Gestational Diabetes: Getting Exercise

*Diabetes Gestational Get Exercise ... important vein and limit blood flow to the baby.  Be sure not to get overheated. Make sure you don't ... you exercise.  Exercise regularly Your healthcare provider may want you to exercise each day. The

Fitting Your Crutches

*Crutches Fit ... therapist (PT) to check the fit. Getting to know your crutches Crutches are often used for ... told otherwise. The crutches fit if: You can put 2 to 3 fingers between your armpit and the top

Diabetes: Getting Started with Exercise

*Diabetes Exercise Get Started ... your car in the space farthest from where you’re going. Get a pedometer that records the number of ... your schedule. Here are some tips: Get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the

Fitting a Hearing Aid

*Hearing Aid Fit ... . Making a mold of your ear The hearing aid must be fitted to the shape of your ear. A poor fit can ... cause sound feedback. It can also cause irritation in the ear canal. A mold of your ear canal may

For New Mothers: Staying Fit After Delivery

*Delivery After Stay Fit ... Mothers: Staying Fit After Delivery After you deliver your baby, you can start to exercise whenever ... exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles. To do them, squeeze the muscles that you use to stop

Addiction: Getting Help

*Addiction Get Help ... help you overcome your problem. And remember, it’s OK to get help. It’s also the first step to ... Once you’re ready to look at your use, you’ve taken a big step toward overcoming the problem. When

Fitting Your Walker

*Walker Fit ... therapist (PT) to check the fit. Getting to know your walker A walker is often used for injuries ... are given. A walker fits if: Your wrists are even with the handgrips when your arms hang at your

Getting Started with Pulmonary Rehabilitation

*Pulmonary Rehab Get Started ... your healthcare provider or nurse about programs in your area. Pulmonary rehab programs The ... and friends as you try new things. Tell the people in your life how they can help you reach your goals

Hepatitis C: Should You Get Tested?

*Hepatitis C Get Tested ... die from it. And you might not even know you have it. Hepatitis C is caused by the hepatitis C ... infected blood enters your body. Hepatitis C: Should You Get Tested? Hepatitis C is a disease

Getting Your Breast Biopsy Results

*Biopsy Breast Get Results ... cases, you will know your results within days. You may get the results during a follow-up visit with ... active role in your care. Talk to your doctor about what needs to happen next and the treatments

Cocaine: Getting Help

*Cocaine Get Help ... If you are addicted to cocaine, you can get better. It means learning how to build a life with no ... drugs. The first step is getting help. The next is stopping the cycle of drug abuse. Then a plan to

Weight Management: Getting Started

*Weight Manage Get Started ... come in all shapes and sizes. Not all bodies are made to be thin. For some people, a healthy weight is ... higher than the average weight listed on weight charts. Your healthcare provider can help you decide

Getting Support for Quitting Smoking

*Quit Smoking Get Support ... quitting smoking, choose a date within the next 2 to 4 weeks. Mark it in bright, bold letters on a ... , because they’re likely to know how you feel. You may need extra support in the first few weeks after

Getting Support When You Have Diabetes

*Diabetes Get Support ... The job of controlling your blood sugar is mostly up to you. But your diabetes healthcare team is ... there to help. These experts will teach you how to manage diabetes and the health risks it brings

Hepatitis C: Getting Support

*Hepatitis C Get Support ... others with hepatitis C may help you feel more in control. Join a support group or try the resources ... . Treatment will decrease or eliminate your risk of getting complications from the hepatitis C virus

Alcoholism: Getting Help

*Alcoholism Get Help ... Facing a problem with alcohol can be hard. Once a person decides to get help, it can be found in ... . Professional care This kind of care can be inpatient. It means you spend a period of time in a

Getting Ready for Knee Replacement and Your Recovery

*Knee Replace Get Ready Recovery ... recovery helps The more in shape you are before surgery, the sooner you’ll be able to get back to ... and asking in advance for help with certain chores. You should also remove objects on the floor that

Staying Fit the Old-fashioned Way

bathroom, especially if it's upstairs. Get in the habit of sweeping your sidewalk and scrubbing your ... The major culprit behind the U.S. decline in physical activity may be our own high-tech and

Health Tip: Get Fit While Watching TV

Here's what you can do Health Tip: Get Fit While Watching TV (HealthDay News) -- You can fit ... exercise into your daily routine, even while you're watching TV. The American Council on Exercise

Fitting Your Cane

*Cane Fit ... (PT) to check the fit. Getting to know your cane A cane is often used after crutches or a ... unaffected (stronger or uninjured) side unless told otherwise. The cane fits if: Your wrist is even with

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