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6 Out of 7 Possible Concussions May Have Been Missed in 2014 World Cup

) -- In a heads-up to World Cup soccer players from 2014, researchers are warning that health officials ... may have missed some cases of concussions. That's because World Cup health care providers often

Golfing and Gardening Your Way to Fitness

27, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Leisure-time activities like golf and gardening can become efficient ... pursuits into muscle-building workouts. On the links, skip the golf cart, suggest experts at the

'March Madness' a Peak Time for Vasectomies

. The NCAA basketball tournament and other major "sporting events are a popular time for men to schedule

After Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Back in the Swing

and be able to return to many of the activities you enjoy—like golf, swimming, bowling, and ... and arm and be able to return to many of the activities you enjoy—like golf, swimming, bowling

Conditioning Strategies for Peak Athletic Performance

more effective driving action. This advantage is especially clear in baseball, golf, tennis and ... need to condition the back, shoulder and elbow muscles, which support throwing and batting. Golf

Health Highlights: April 24, 2017

Tweeter Frozen Hash Browns Recalled Due to Possible Presence of Golf Balls First Malaria Vaccine to ... be Tested in Africa Next Year: WHO Health Highlights: April 24, 2017 Here are some of the

Calorie Burn Rate Calculator

clubs when golfing burns more calories than riding in a golf cart. Your weight also affects the ... will burn. If you haven't been active, be sure to check with your health care provider before

Hobbies and Your Health

It's never too late to get started on a valuable pursuit Hobbies and Your Health FRIDAY, Aug ... ? Or would you love to get outdoors with a sport like golf or tennis? Maybe you'd like to learn a

Elbow Pain

vigorous activity (such as golf, tennis, throwing a ball ... with treatment and not leaning on that elbow. Pain from tendinitis (such as tennis or golf elbow ... ARM;ARM PAIN;ARM PAINS;ARMS;ARTHRITIS;BURSA;BURSITIS;ELBOW;ELBOW PAIN;ELBOWS;GOLF;GOLFER'S ELBOW

Exergaming: Workouts That Work for All Ages

your later years as well. Whether simulating tennis, golf or dance, which is particularly effective ... activity, according to a study in the Journal of Sport and Health Science . The mind-body

Exercising with Chronic Lung Disease: Keep Moving!

park.  Walk through a museum, mall, or zoo with your family.  Bowl, fish, or golf with friends

Bankart Lesion of the Shoulder Joint

glenoid, much like a golf ball fits on a tee. To help make the socket deeper, the outer rim of the

SLAP Lesion of the Shoulder Joint

bone (humerus) rests in a shallow socket called the glenoid, much like a golf ball fits on a tee. To

Identifying Kidney Stones

as small as a grain of sand. Or it may be as large as a golf ball. Small stones may pass out of your

Understanding Shoulder Instability

(glenoid), much like a golf ball fits on a tee. Parts of the joint called stabilizers hold the

What Is 'Moderate' Exercise Anyway?

take your pulse for 30 seconds then multiplying that number by 2. Walking, playing golf -- without

Athletes With ADHD Favor Team Competition

expected athletes with ADHD to gravitate towards individual sports -- such as golf or tennis -- where ... Health has more on ADHD . SOURCE: Ohio State University, news release, May 11, 2017

Kidney Stones

grain of sand or as large as a pearl -- or even a golf ball. A crystal or small stone may pass out of

Discharge Instructions for Kidney Donors

, garden hose, or golf club carrier. Don’t play any contact sports for at least 6 to 8 weeks after

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