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Costs of ER Treatments a Mystery to Many Docs

not discussed," said study leader Dr. Kevin Hoffman, an emergency medicine resident at Lakeland Health ... in Saint Joseph, Mich. The researchers said their findings point to the need to improve health

St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum oral dosage forms

Today's Health St. John's Wort 300mg Capsule ... Equaline Herbal St. John's Wort 300mg Caplet ... St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum oral dosage forms What is this medicine? ST. JOHN'S ... other purposes; ask your health care provider or pharmacist if you have questions. How should I


Sterkel, MD, St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, MO Debra Weiner, MD, Sirona Health, Portland ... , ME Medical Advisory Board, Sykes, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Elaine Donoghue, MD, St. Peter's

Making Sense of Medical Advice

recommendations in mind the next time you hear or read about a new health tip in the media. Check it out Be ... keep up to date on new developments or discoveries. Your health care provider knows how to look at ... medical advice, new health tip, health information web resources, multi-billion-dollar health-fraud industry

Impotence Among Heart Patients Not the Fault of Meds, Study Finds

Atlas Bass Heart Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. The new study was led by Dr. Philip Joseph, assistant ... bad. Now, Joseph said, the new study suggests that heart drugs don't raise the risk for impotence

Belly Fat Tied to Lower Kidney Cancer Survival Odds in Women

News) -- Belly fat reduces a woman's chances for surviving kidney cancer, but not a man's, a new ... School of Medicine in St. Louis found no link between belly fat and men's kidney cancer survival. The

Blood Pressure Check? There May Soon Be an App for That

standard. Dr. Rachel Bond helps direct women's heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City ... Bond, M.D., associate director, Women's Heart Health, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City; Science Translational Medicine , news release, March 7, 2018

New Migraine Drugs Show Promise

found. Dr. Joseph Safdieh, an associate professor of neurology at New York-Presbyterian/Weill ... Medicine; Joseph Safdieh, M.D., associate professor, neurology, New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell

Try These 3 Tactics to Help Prevent Depression

Focus on Health - December 2017 ... health problems, including depression. In fact, a glass of low-fat milk may be good for your mood ... , it’s best to check who made the app, whether its tools and health information are scientifically ... foods; healthy diet; exercise; exercise and depression; smartphone; smartphone app; app for depression; mental health

Cataract Treatment: Implanting a New Lens (IOL)

*Cataract Tx Implant New Lens ... Cataract Treatment: New Lens (IOL) ... Take a closer look at how a new lens is implanted after cataract surgery. Cataract ... Treatment: Implanting a New Lens (IOL) A cataract is a clouding of your eye’s lens. Surgery can be ... 85465; cataract treatment: implanting a new lens (IOL); cataract treatment; implanting a new lens, cataract treatment; IOL, cataract treatment

St. John's Wort

Learn about the medical uses, claims, and side effects of St. John's Wort. St. John's Wort ... , hardhay, hyperici herba, klamath weed, tipton weed General description St. John's wort is an herb. It ... St. John's wort; depression; anti-inflammatory; antiviral; immune system;

Swings in Blood Pressure Can Pose Long-Term Dangers

Dr. Joseph Diamond, who directs nuclear cardiology at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde ... Hill Hospital, New York City; Joseph A. Diamond, M.D., director, Nuclear Cardiology, Long Island

After Knee Replacement, Play On

high-impact activities might compromise their new joint, a small, new study finds. The researchers ... preserve the new joint. "Patients were coming back for their annual review . . . and were

Exercises for a Healthy Back

during exercise. Don't hold your breath. Talk to your health care provider before starting a new ... started, you should talk with your health care provider to make sure these exercises are right for ... back health; lifting techniques; back pain; back injury; spine;

Almost 4 in 10 Tanning Salons Flout State Laws

, New York City; Joseph Levy, scientific adviser, American Suntanning Association; Oct. 25, 2017, JAMA Dermatology , online. ... indoor tanning facilities ignore state laws that curb teen tanning, a new survey finds. To protect

Vaginal Hysterectomy

the Procedure Your health care provider may recommend a vaginal hysterectomy for several reasons ... , bleeding, and other problems. They may lead to future health problems. If left untreated, cancer can ... hysterectomy; gynecology; women's health; reproductive health;

New Combo Pill Offers Hope to Hepatitis C Patients Who Fail Other Treatment

Health in Manhasset, N.Y. He called the new drug "a very important advance. This is really for salvage ... , M.D., chief, hepatology, Northwell Health, Manhasset, N.Y.; June 1, 2017, New England Journal of Medicine

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Teens

Blurry vision If your child has any of these symptoms, talk with your child's health care provider ... serious health issues such as: Kidney failure Nerve damage Blindness Amputation Coma, which can lead ... diabetes; type 1 diabetes; children's health; adolescent health;

Higher Prices Are Driving Rise in Health Care Spending

new study finds. "Part of the reason we spend more on health care each year is the nation's growing ... Higher Prices Are Driving Rise in Health Care Spending TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News

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