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Having EMG and NCS Tests

study (NCS) During NCS, mild electrical currents are used to test how fast electrical signals move ... technologist will apply mild electrical currents to your skin. Your muscles will twitch, but the test


, battery-powered device that creates electrical currents that keep the heart beating at a normal rhythm ... during minor surgery. You're given medication to make you sleep and to numb your chest. Your health

EMG and NCS Tests

, mild electrical currents are used to test how fast electrical signals move along your nerves. Small ... currents to your skin. Your muscles will twitch, but the test won’t harm you. Currents are usually applied

Atrial Fibrillation

your heart has been in atrial fibrillation. Your health care provider will likely recommend blood ... heart rate, or Digoxin, which slows the electrical currents between the upper and lower chambers of

Noninvasive Brain Test May Pinpoint Type of Dementia

In small study, electrical currents helped distinguish Alzheimer's from another form of brain ... electromagnetic coil is placed against the scalp. It creates electrical currents that stimulate nerve

Other Techniques of Surgery

tools that run on high-frequency electric currents. Some examples of electrosurgery include

Having an Evoked Potential Test

also be asked questions about your overall health. Before your test Prepare for your test as ... is of the legs. The technologist will apply mild electrical currents to the nerves in your wrists or

Your Child's Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study

thinning medicines Has any health problems, most specifically if your child has a pacemaker. This ... . The technologist controls a stimulator, which sends mild electrical currents to certain electrodes

Vaginal Hysterectomy

the Procedure Your health care provider may recommend a vaginal hysterectomy for several reasons ... , bleeding, and other problems. They may lead to future health problems. If left untreated, cancer can ... hysterectomy; gynecology; women's health; reproductive health;

Brush Up on Swim Safety for Summer

how to escape rip currents by swimming parallel to the shore until it's safe to swim back to shore

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Teens

Blurry vision If your child has any of these symptoms, talk with your child's health care provider ... serious health issues such as: Kidney failure Nerve damage Blindness Amputation Coma, which can lead ... diabetes; type 1 diabetes; children's health; adolescent health;

Water Safety and Teens

overestimation of their skills, lack of awareness of water currents or water depth, and consuming

Physical Rehabilitation at the Hospital

, healing from an injury, or being treated for a disabling health problem, physical rehabilitation may be an ... branch of medicine called physiatry. You may need this type of treatment for any health problem that

Exercises for a Healthy Back

started, you should talk with your health care provider to make sure these exercises are right for ... while doing these exercises. If you do, stop the exercise right away and call your health care provider ... back health; lifting techniques; back pain; back injury; spine;

Oximetry Podcast

measure the amount of blood that's saturated with oxygen. Your health care provider uses this test to

Zika Vaccine Works in Early Human Trial

. Each dosage was delivered with Cellectra, a device that produces small, electric currents that help the

Cardiac Rehabilitation

activity program that's designed just for you and your health condition. The goal is to help you return ... starting an exercise program with the support of a health professional, and Help with making healthy ... heart; heart health; cardiac rehabilitation; cardiac rehab; heart attacks; heart disease; bypass surgery; angioplasty; cardiovascular; cardiology

Overview of Breastfeeding

choice to breastfeed. Ask your health care provider, friends, family, and your employer for advice on ... how to make breastfeeding work for you and your new baby. Health Benefits of Breastfeeding Babies ... breastfeeding; breastmilk; infant nutrition; health benefits of breastfeeding; breast pump; colostrum;

Exercise During Pregnancy

exercise safely during pregnancy. But it's important to talk with your health care provider first ... harder to balance. If your health care provider gives you the green light, aim to exercise for at least ... prenatal; pregnancy; exercise; sports; walking; swimming; bike; cycling; exercising; obstetrics; gynecology; women's health; women's services

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