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"I miss my mom so much, she was such an amazing lady, I miss all the things we used to do together…someday I would like to be like her and work in the medical field so I can help people."
School Group Participant

"I think the school group is awesome because it helps me with the pain and feelings."
13-year-old middle school student

"After my second group meeting I realized many of the benefits of being in a group, like being with peers; being with adults who allow me to have my feelings without telling me how I should feel; and having a time, once a month where I know, even though it isn't easy that I can and will face the pain and work through it."
Participant from the School Outreach Program

"Thanks for keeping Lory's Place open for us."
Middle School participant at Lory's Place

"Thank you so much for taking the time to show me Lory's Place. To see it firsthand and hear such touching stories, makes it all the more impressive. Our community is very lucky to have Lory's Place and the passion of all those involved."
Community Member

"I am so glad that there is a place like this for me and others to come and talk about our losses."
Tiny Mates Participant

"I had a fear when I went to my first group at Lory's Place that no one would be able to relate to me. After the first group, the fear was gone and I felt great because there were others who understood the things I was going through since my dad died."
15-year-old Capadores participant

"I like having a school group, because I can talk about my dad and no one will get mad at me, and I won't make anyone sad."
An elementary student

Lory's Place a Lifeline of Hope (Herald Palladium article)
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