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Rapid Increase of Kiosk Utilization at Lakeland Hospital, Niles
Jul 31, 2017 Share

In the fall of 2016, Lakeland Hospital, Niles installed two express check-in kiosks located behind the circle information desk in the main lobby. Express check-in ensures all patients, who take advantage of the system, are registered prior to their appointments and it also shortens patient wait times for both laboratory and radiology. The kiosks can be used by patients who walk-in for services along with those who have appointments.

Immediately after installation, approximately 20% of laboratory and radiology patients took advantage of the new check-in system.  Kerry Pratt, Supervisor of Patient Access, has worked diligently with her team, laboratory, radiology management, and the volunteers to ensure they are comfortable with the kiosks, and process changes which has increased the kiosk utilization to over 40% since February. Since June, kiosk utilization was up to 60% and continues to rise. “We are excited to see the number of patients using the express check-in kiosks increase. Express check-in has helped decrease wait times for patients and free up some of our Patient Access Representatives to be able to help with more complicated registrations or payment needs,” says Kerry.

Data has shown that check-ins on the kiosks, which are ADA compliant, are twice as fast as traditional check-in with a patient access representative. This means patients who use the kiosks are getting to their appointments quicker than before. Patients can also use the kiosks to see and update their demographic information, print an itinerary for appointments, make payments on their Lakeland bills, sign and print documents, and sign up for MyChart.  The patient access department and staffed patient access representatives are still available to help patients who may need more assistance or those who are skeptical about using the kiosks. “I encourage everyone to try it at least once, as you may be surprised how easy it is and how much quicker you will get checked in for your appointment. You do not have to try it alone as our team is available to assist you through the express check-in if needed,” Kerry said.

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