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A New Resident Hall at Tenwek

We began in January 2014 doubling our trainees in housing space. By January 2015 we will not be able to accept new residents into our programs due to lack of space.Tenwek House Drawing

We are currently training doctors in the following areas:

  • Family Practice Residents = 6
  • General Surgery Res. = 10
  • Orthopedic Surgery Res. = 10
  • Medical Students = 12
  • Interns = 16
  • Visiting Students = 10

We have exceeded the capacity of the new housing that we built just three years ago! We are thrilled with the growth God has brought, but we face a challenge to construct housing for the expanded group of students.

This new facility will house 44 doctors in training and should meet our needs for many years to come.

Our estimated budget for this important project is $800,000. This will include two separate three-story buildings, and will have some small apartments for married residents, and dormitory-style housing for our interns and medical students.Tenwek MD Students

Please prayerfully consider what part God wants you to play in this project. This is truly an investment for the future of Africa. This will provide housing for hundreds of Christian doctors in training. These doctors will disperse into many parts of Africa following training to be salt and light. They will take the Gospel of physical and spiritual healing to some of the most needy people on earth!

We are in the process of raising funds for this need. The SWMC Foundation is offering a match for all donations up to 10.

Tenwek Housing Project Newsletter

Your generosity can make a difference.