Buchanan Family Medicine

Olivia Hemlock, NP

Family Medicine


Olivia Hemlock, NP

Office Locations

Southwestern Medical Clinic - Buchanan
1045 E Front St,
Buchanan, MI 49107
(269) 695-5540 (269) 695-0412
Southwestern Medical Clinic - Niles
2002 S 11th St,
Niles, MI 49120
(269) 687-0200 (269) 684-0199

Expertise & Training

Masters Science Nursing
Cedarville University
Major: Nurse Practitioner


"I'm just so thankful for Olivia because she really cared. She was the first to alert me to my cancer. Olivia knew I was in a bad state and she immediately wanted to do a test to check. Not only did she recognize and respond to the situation quickly, she was very professional and kind, and understood the urgency of it. With Olivia, I didn't have to worry about anything but getting better." 


  Provider Video Profile: Olivia Hemlock, NP (Family Medicine)
  Introducing Olivia Hemlock, a family nurse practitioner with Southwestern Medical Clinic, Buchanan.
  May 08,2017

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