RN Recruiting Event

Why is Lakeland Health an awesome place to work?

Lakeland Hiring RNsWe believe that in order to save lives, you must work as a team. Our nurses are brave, strong, resilient, and focused. Every day we are inspired to help because we are caring for our neighbors, friends, and family.

We are kind, loving, and trust one another. This isn’t just “a job” it’s family.

We are a family that has each other’s backs and respects individuality. We work hard while understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Fill out this form to schedule your interview for our nurse recruitment event on March 27. Our Nurse Recruiting Liaison, Ginger Sadberry, will be onsite as well as hiring managers who will be offering positions that day.

Hear from our nurses and see for yourself why they love Lakeland Health.

Ginger Sadberry

"Lakeland's mission statement isn't just written words. You can actually feel the respect, encouragement, and compassion when talking with other associates. People say, 'Good morning,' they smile, and they are happy to be at work. I am grateful to be a part of the Lakeland family."

- Ginger Sadberry, Nurse Recruiting Liaison

Who are we and where are we located?

Hold up your left hand and form a mitten; now look at the bottom of your little finger. We are in the lower southwest corner of Michigan, right on THE Lake.

This is a close knit community, full of Midwest hospitality and humor. We love our big lake and proud to be nestled between sandy beaches, endless orchards, vineyards, and quiet country-living.

See for yourself why time spent at the lake, is time well spent. CLICK HERE

Competitive salaries, tuition reimbursement, leadership opportunities, and great benefits— We’ve got that covered.

We are Lakeland 

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