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Lory's Place

Please help us make 2018 a year in which we continue to provide compassionate quality of life care and comfort for members of our community through programs at Caring Circle such as the Hanson Hospice Center, and Lory's Place.

Within a few weeks of the death of Pete and Beth Mannino’s 24-year-old daughter, Pete’s sister recommended Lory’s Place — a grief support service. “Right away we knew this was right for us. The staff was amazing and we bonded with people suffering the same way that we are,” Pete shared. “We make the best out of our time at Lory’s Place. We have made some great friends and met wonderful people. Sometimes we laugh, other times we cry, but we will continue to go.”

Some well-meaning friends told the couple that ‘Time heals all wounds,’ to which Pete and Beth claimed, “No, time helps, but Lory’s Place helps more.”  Hear more from Pete and Beth about their daughter Brandi's story....

Cara Valdes

Hanson Hospice at Home

Caren Adams had been diagnosed with cancer in March 2016; aggressive treatments seemed to put her into remission. However, six months later, Caren’s cancer returned and curative care was no longer an option. By the time Caren arrived at Hanson Hospice Center, she only had a few weeks left to live. Caren's daughter, Cara and her fiancé, Nate Valdes, desperately wanted to grant her mother's final wish and get married while Caren was still alive, but didn’t have the resources to make it happen.

With the help of friends, volunteers, and staff at Caring Circle, they quickly moved their wedding date up and were married at Hanson Hospice Center on November 17, 2016.

Caren died a week later, on Thanksgiving morning.

“Seeing my wedding was my mother’s last wish, and Nate and I are forever grateful to everyone, at Caring Circle and the Hanson Hospice Center who made that special time possible,” said Cara. “It was such an amazing gift. I would love for others to have their last wishes granted, too.”

Hear more from Cara about her mom Caren's story... 

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