Babysitting with Confidence

Learning the keys to Babysitting with Confidence

Parents know it's not easy taking care of small children.  So when your 11-year-old tells you they want to start babysitting, it's time to make sure you prepare them to handle basic household emergencies.Babysitting-with-Confidence-WEB

Lakeland Health offers two important resources to help adolescents learn the keys to Babysitting with Confidence.

The FREE class focuses on a few key areas, including:

  • Fire & Home Safety
  • Toddler Time
  • Skills Practice
  • Infant Care &
  • First Aid

    Participants must be in the fifth grade or 11 years of age or older to register.

Lakeland Health also offers CPR for Babysitters - A course designed by the American Heart Association  to teach the essentials of CPR, including how to save children and infants from choking, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and the proper use of an AED.  

Participants muse have completed the Babysitting with Confidence program prior to taking this course.

Babysitting Checklist

To make sure your sitter is ready for any situation that arises and knows how to get help, give the sitter this checklist for use in an emergency: 

  • Family name:
  • Phone number:
  • Address:

  • Children's names and ages:

  • Children's allergies, medical history, and daily medicines: 

  • Phone number where parent or guardian will be:

  • Address where parent or guardian can be reached:

  • Cell phone numbers:

  • Neighbor's name and phone number:

  • Local relative's phone number:

  • Local emergency phone number:

  • Healthcare provider's name:

  • Healthcare provider's phone number:

  • Insurance name and number:

  • Poison control center:

  • Police:

  • Ambulance:

  • Fire department:

What time you will be home:

Finally, make certain the sitter is clear on your "house rules" regarding what can be watched on TV, visitors, telephone use, smoking or drinking, and taking your child outside. Taking the time to find the right sitter will allow you to enjoy your out-of-home activity with minimal worries about your child.

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