An Investment in the Next Generation of Physicians

The 2019 class of medical residents recently celebrated their first day at Lakeland Health by each receiving an iPad mini™ on behalf of the Lakeland Health Foundations. Since the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program was established in 2011, the Foundation has provided around 68 resident physicians with an iPad mini – an investment worth over $32,000. Medical residents use the iPads during their training to access patients’ electronic medical records and chart patient care, as well as research medical journals and take notes.

“The Foundation, like Lakeland, supports the medical residency program and is honored to invest funds in a way that will positively impact the educational experience of our residents,” said David Burghart, Vice President of Philanthropy and President of Lakeland Health Foundations. “Not only is this an investment in the residency program itself, it is an investment in our community, because many of the resident physicians choose to continue practicing medicine in southwest Michigan long after graduation.”  

“I am blown away by the generosity of the Foundation and their dedication to our continued education,” said 
Tiffany Proffitt, DO, Emergency Medicine. “The iPads will be a great resource in the advancement of our clinical acumen.”

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