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  • 6 Health Screenings to Help Men Prevent Disease

    6 Health Screenings to Help Men Prevent Disease

    Don’t let heart disease, stroke, and other serious health conditions sneak up on you. Instead, visit your doctor for regular checkups—even if you’re feeling well.

  • 5 Ways to Lower Your A1c

    5 Ways to Lower Your A1c

    It’s important to know how well your blood sugar is controlled over time. In the long term, high blood sugar can harm your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, feet, and eyes.

  • Making “Cents” of High Blood Pressure

    Making “Cents” of High Blood Pressure

    A new study found that people with high blood pressure rack up about $2,000 more in yearly health care expenses compared with those without the condition.

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Close the Door on Intimate Partner Violence

CDC defines intimate partner violence as actual or threatened physical or sexual violence, or psychological and emotional abuse, directed at a spouse, former spouse, current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, or dating partner.


Kidney Health Quiz

Answer this one: How much blood do your kidneys filter daily?


Blood Sugar Testing

Monitoring your blood sugar level can help you control your diabetes and your risk for developing complications such as eye or kidney disease. View this video, and learn how and why checking your blood sugar regularly plays an important role in diabetes management.

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