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Resources for Heart Health

*Health Heart Resources ... advice. Resources for Heart Health Living with heart disease means making a lot of changes ... insurance plan The medical benefits department, human resources department, or wellness center at your ... 84251; resources for heart health; heart health, resources

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): Helpful Resources

*SCI Resources ... Spinal Cord Injury Resources ... and guidance. Apparelyzed Peer support, SCI health issues, and other resources ... Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Research, information, online community, and other resources ... 41189; spinal cord injury (SCI): Helpful resources; spinal cord injury, helpful resources; SCI, helpful resources

Resources for People with Diabetes

*Diabetes Resources ... a list of other resources. Resources for People with Diabetes Living with diabetes means ... about how you’re feeling. Give them information, like this health sheet, to help them understand ... Diabetes; db1004a; 82098; Resources for People with Diabetes; Resources

Your Child's Asthma: School Strategies

support from the school system and community. So speak up, offer suggestions, and share resources ... how to respond to an asthma emergency. Basic information about asthma should be taught in health ... asthma, children with asthma, asthma education, school health services, cooperation, community support

Resources for People with Cancer

*Resources Cancer ... treatment. Resources for People with Cancer You do not have to fight cancer alone. Reach out. Seek ... National Cancer Institute 800-422-6237 Local resources Ask your ... Oncology; patient; information; General; resources; resources; cancer; oncology; on1022a; 82317

Resources for Chronic Lung Disease

*Chronic Lung Disease Resources ... resources can help you. Resources for Chronic Lung Disease There are many chronic lung diseases, such ... are other like pulmonary fibrosis or sarcoidosis. These resources can help you learn more about ... Pulmonology; COPD; Resources for Chronic Lung Disease pm1007a; 82439; pul1007; lung disease

Living with a Chronic Health Condition

*Chronic Health Condition Managing ... Living with Chronic Health Condition ... with a Chronic Health Condition Sometimes change brings unexpected rewards. This is a good time to ... stay in touch. Call or text. Resources American Diabetes Association at 800-342-2383 or ... 84287; living with a chronic health condition; chronic health condition, living with; chronic health condition, resources

Community-Acquired MRSA

Community-Acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ... . Community-acquired means that you didn’t get the infection in a hospital or other healthcare setting ... . MRSA infections are sometimes very hard to treat. Community-Acquired MRSA What is community

Radiation Therapy: Resources to Help

*Resources Radiation Therapy ... Use these resources to help you learn about radiation therapy. Radiation Therapy: Resources to ... visits, or call if you need to. You can learn more about radiation therapy from the resources below ... Radiation; radiation therapy resources help; cancer treatment; on1004b; 82294

What To Do If You Get Sick While Traveling

insurance policy does not cover you abroad, you may wish to consider purchasing a short-term health ... sure to have your health insurance identification card and a claim form with you while traveling ... travel health, travel wellness, travel sickness, travel illness, travel illness prevention

Making Sense of Medical Advice

resources Here are several reliable sites for health information: National Institutes of Health ... If seemingly contradictory health news has you confused, it's time to learn how to read between ... medical advice, new health tip, health information web resources, multi-billion-dollar health-fraud industry

Where to Turn for Mental Health

relationships. With all the mental health resources and effective treatments available these days, you do ... program in your community. Community mental health centers. These organizations give counseling and ... mental health, mental health help, suicide, suicide help, mental health warning signs, mental health symptoms, mental health treatment

Stroke: Resources and Support

*Stroke Resources Support ... : Resources and Support After being released from rehab, your loved one may need ongoing therapy or ... resources You can also check your phone book and the internet for other resources. Try the ... Stroke resources and support; resources and support for stroke; Cerebrovascular accident ... care; home care after a stroke; daycare; resources; support; sk1015a; 82593; CVA; neurology; cerebral

Cancer in Children: Resources

*Cancer Resources Ch ... If your child has cancer, you likely have many questions. Here are resources that you can turn to ... . Cancer in Children: Resources If your child has cancer, you likely have many questions. Below ... 40386; cancer in children, resources; childhood cancer resources; pediatric cancer resources; cancer resources, child

Mental Health: Finding the Help You Need

does not cover mental health, look for these resources: Pastoral counseling. Your place of ... When your life seems to be spinning out of control, it's OK to seek professional mental health ... mental health, mental health help, mental health choice, mental health solution, seek mental health help

Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Teens

Blurry vision If your child has any of these symptoms, talk with your child's health care provider ... serious health issues such as: Kidney failure Nerve damage Blindness Amputation Coma, which can lead ... diabetes; type 1 diabetes; children's health; adolescent health;

Vaginal Hysterectomy

the Procedure Your health care provider may recommend a vaginal hysterectomy for several reasons ... , bleeding, and other problems. They may lead to future health problems. If left untreated, cancer can ... hysterectomy; gynecology; women's health; reproductive health;

Your Annual Wellness Visit

take care of your health. Your Annual Wellness Visit Your annual wellness visit is the ideal ... Your annual wellness visit is the ideal time to check in with your doctor about the best ways to ... Medicare; wellness visit; doctor's visit; preventive medicine; immunizations; screening tests; checkup

Ovarian Cancer: Treatment Questions

down the answers, and also ask questions you may not think of. You can also ask your health care ... receiving this treatment? Are there any clinical trials that I can apply for? Will my health ... ovarian cancer, emotional wellness during ovarian cancer, support groups for ovarian cancer

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