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Heart Disease: Communicating with Several Providers

If you are like most people with heart disease, you have several providers who each treat you for ... a different health issue. Heart Disease: Communicating with Several Providers If you are like ... heart disease, health care providers, list of medicines, copies of letters to other providers

Protecting Patients from Pressure Injuries

providers; bedsores, prevention for healthcare providers; pressure injuries

Healthcare Providers and Specialists

Detailed information on the healthcare providers and specialists who treat disorders of the spine ... , shoulder, and pelvis Healthcare Providers and Specialists Who treats conditions of the spine

Why Healthcare Providers Remove Cataracts

cataracts than not. Why Healthcare Providers Remove Cataracts Perhaps the first thing you'll notice

Communicating About Pain

84783; communicationg about pain; pain, communication with healthcare providers; pain, communication with family and friends

Medication Management Tips

healthcare providers which medicines you take. This includes all prescriptions and any over-the-counter ... medicine, health care providers, prescriptions, over the counter drugs, supplements, herbs, pillbox, side effects

Your Diabetes Healthcare Team

several healthcare providers every year who help keep you healthy. Your Diabetes Healthcare Team ... When you have diabetes, your healthcare team may include other providers in addition to your primary ... diabetes; diabetes treatment; health care providers; endocrinology; certified diabetes educator; exercise physiologist; dietitian;

Health Care Providers in Digestive Health

Providers in Digestive Health To help you manage your digestive health, you may need more than one ... practitioner.  These healthcare providers work closely with patients to help manage their health

Healthcare Providers Who Specialize in Obesity

Some healthcare providers specialize in treating patients who are obese or overweight. These ... healthcare providers are called bariatric healthcare providers or bariatricians. Some of these healthcare


condition is called diverticulitis. Causes Health care providers don’t know exactly why pouches ... activity, being overweight and smoking could make the situation worse. Health care providers used to

ICD: Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

twenty years. Let all of your health care providers know about your ICD. You may also want to carry ... and prevent sudden cardiac arrest. Tell all of your health care providers about your ICD. What We

Health Highlights: Jan. 12, 2018

in many cases cannot find -- medical providers," who will accept patients with Centene policies ... . "Centene misrepresents the number, location and existence of purported providers by listing

Understanding the Health Belief Model—A Primer for Healthcare Providers

Model—A Primer for Healthcare Providers  How can you improve patient compliance? Clinical outcome ... 84999; Understanding the health belief model- a primer for healthcare providers; understanding the

Primary Insomnia

of another medical condition and not the problem itself. Follow your healthcare providers ... providers. You should never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of

Heart Valve Repair or Replacement: Percutaneous

need for open heart surgery. Instead your healthcare providers may be able to repair or replace your ... surgery. For the first few days you may be in intensive care. Once your healthcare providers feel

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Treatment

rehabilitation is a program to help you stay as active as possible. A group of health care providers ... emergency health care providers. Things to Remember Smoking is the leading cause of COPD. Avoid

Prostate Cancer Treatment

put into a grade group from one to five. Stage is the system providers use to note how far cancer ... doesn't cure it. Not all healthcare providers agree on the best way to use hormone therapy for prostate

Spinal Tap Procedure

done by a variety of healthcare providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician ... physican or other qualified healthcare providers. You should never disregard professional medical

For Men: Healthcare Providers Are Good for Your Health

Providers Are Good for Your Health Men are missing the mark when it comes to managing their personal


problems again. Let all of your health care providers know about your pacemaker. You may also want

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