Lakeland Care Network Donates AED to Galien Police Department
Oct 2, 2017 Share

(GALIEN) – To help equip first responders with the tools they need, Lakeland Care Network recently donated a Medtronic Lifepack 1000 AED to the Galien Village Police Department. The fully automated AED walks first responders through the shock process step-by-step and stores that information for easy review when paramedics and first responders arrive on scene. The hope is that the device will help improve outcomes, and continuity of care, for Galien residents faced with a cardiac emergency. 

“We are extremely grateful for the donation of the Automated External Defibrillator from Lakeland Care Network which will provide us the opportunity to save countless lives,” said Robert Krauss, Village of Gailen Police Chief. “As police officers we are often the first to arrive at cardiac emergencies. If we can administer the required shock from an AED minutes faster than paramedics or responding volunteer firefighters, we have the potential to increase the survival rates not only in our community, but in surrounding communities.”

“Lakeland Care physicians understand how vitally important early access to AED and CPR is to increase the chances of survival,” said Melissa Hahn, Director of Business Development, Lakeland Care.  “We are privileged to support and equip area police departments to respond to medical emergencies where defibrillation is required.”

Each year in the United States, cardiovascular diseases—such as coronary heart disease and stroke—top the list of the most serious health problems. In the United States, and in Michigan, heart disease is the leading cause of death. The Hanson Heart Center at Lakeland Health is committed to reducing the incidence of cardiac and vascular disease in southwest Michigan and improving outcomes for those affected through prevention, risk awareness, education, rapid treatment, and rehabilitation.

Photo caption: Lakeland Health cardiologist, James Huggett, DO, presents AED device to Galien Village Police Chief Robert Kraus

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