Lakeland Introduces New Image-Guided Radiotherapy System
Oct 23, 2014 Share

(ST. JOSEPH) – Lakeland Health recently acquired the TrueBeam™ radiotherapy system for high-precision, image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The TrueBeam system, from Varian Medical Systems, integrates new imaging and motion management technologies within a new design that makes it possible to deliver treatments more quickly. The system also monitors and compensates for tumor motion, which is designed to advance the treatment of lung, breast, prostate, head and neck, and other types of cancer.

Located at Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph, the TrueBeam has advanced, three-dimensional imaging to “see” and target tumors with precision measured in units less than a millimeter. The system allows doctors to customize the dose of radiation delivered to a tumor, helping to minimize exposure to nearby healthy tissue.

“With the TrueBeam technology, patients’ treatment times are greatly reduced, sometimes to just minutes per day,” said Radiation Oncologist Peter Lai, PhD, MD. “Patients can also take comfort in knowing they have constant contact with their care providers during treatment with the built-in video and audio system.”

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