St. Joseph High School Seniors Learn What it Takes to Become a Doctor
May 18, 2016 Share

Sixteen seniors from St. Joseph High School got an early start on their medical careers on Tuesday, April 12, during a presentation by James Clancy, MD, and Benjamin Stockton, MD, about what becoming a surgeon entails.

Throughout the presentation, each surgeon spoke about his area of specialty and gave an overview of how different organs work and what surgical treatment involves. The students were able to watch videos of a robotic hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and kidney tumor removal. Students were also able to view and investigate several robotic and laparoscopic tools up close as they learned about advances in surgery over the past few decades, including the development of the da Vinci® robot.

“As you go on in life, you learn more and more new things,” said Dr. Clancy. “Just because you’re done with school doesn’t mean you’re done learning. As your career goes on, your education never stops.”

In addition to giving an overview of the human anatomy and various procedures surgeons perform, the doctors also talked about their journey through medical school, and what students should expect from a career in medicine, including the number of years of school required and how many hours they may work in a typical week. When asked about the difficulty of medical school, the doctors offered some encouraging words.

“If you think for a moment that you’re not capable of completing school and becoming a doctor, you’re wrong,” said Dr. Stockton. “With dedication and hard work, you can do it.”


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