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Your friends and neighbors from throughout southwest Michigan and beyond share their experiences at Spectrum Health Lakeland. Do you have a story to share? Click on the "What's Your Story" button and complete the form. 

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NEW Beyond the Blockage, Brian Miner
Jun, 2019
Physicians: Christopher Chiu, MD

Listen to your body. Don’t brush it off as an old guy thing.

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In Good Hands, LaKeena Crawford
Apr, 2019
Physicians: Kourosh Baghelai, MD

I was terrified, but they gave me hope.

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More Than Just Heart Burn , Rusty Schrubba
Mar, 2019
Physicians: Jerome Kuhnlein, MD

Dr. Kuhnlein was great. He told me exactly what was going to happen and how the stent was going to work.

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A Sure Sign, Riley Raines
Jun, 2018
Physicians: Jerome Kuhnlein, MDJonathan Osburn, MD; Monika Riedel, NP

If I could have personally hand-picked every caregiver, I couldn’t have picked anyone better.

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The Beat Goes On , Rosalie Johnson
Apr, 2017
Physicians: Dilip Arora, MD; Dave Chalupa, PAMark Smalley, DO

"I’ve never been so scared in my life."

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A Community of Caregivers, Kurt Frey
Jan, 2017
Physicians: Abhimanyu Beri, MD; Robert Allen, MD

Everyone was so professional and caring.

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A Fighting Chance, Daniel Bledsaw
Oct, 2016
Physicians: Samuel Durham, MD

I am so thankful there was a high quality hospital close to where my accident took place.

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Nothing Short of a Miracle , Rahel Schafer
Sep, 2016
Physicians: Justin Sybesma, MDSamuel Durham, MD

The care she received was very thorough and her physicians were honest with us about what was going on.

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A Heart in Our Hands, Karl Bayer
May, 2016
Physicians: Don Brooks, MDYu Lam C. Chiu, MDKourosh Baghelai, MD

The staff makes you feel like they genuinely care for you – and they do.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter, Robert Carnes
Mar, 2016
Physicians: Jerome Kuhnlein, MDSamuel Durham, MD

I don't know how to say thank you enough.

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