Camp Lifetimes


Camp Lifetimes Group 2018 

Lory's Place Camp Lifetimes 2018

Camp Lifetimes is a one-day bereavement camp hosted by Lory's Place. This camp is provided at no cost and is available to children ages 5 to 14 years old (students who are entering kindergarten through eighth grade). 

This year's camp took place on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Throughout the day campers participated in activities focused around the importance of life. Although every living creature has a beginning and end, it is the time in-between that matter the most.

Camp Lifetimes provides children with important tools and resources to continue to grieve in a healthy way. As this takes place, the participants begin to share their feelings of loss and realize that those feelings are quickly validated and normalized by others who feel similarly. Participants gain the understanding that they are not alone in all of the big feelings of grief and that those feelings are not as weird or unusual as they may have thought. They will be able to talk about their person, while also gaining other non-verbal strategies for grief expression. It is our sincere hope that the participants will leave camp with new friends who understand and know their story, along with the encouragement to continue to work through their grief.

This fun-filled day included activities at the Sarett Nature Center and Circle "C" Stable.

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