Our Neuroscience Patients Say It Best

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Riding the Waves of Life, Michael von Dorpowski
Jan, 2019
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MD

I was confident in my doctors and nurses. I had a lot of really good people taking care of me.

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Pain Takes Flight for Chronic Migraine Sufferer , Mary Scaletta
Nov, 2018
Physicians: Peter Spencer, DO

Botox has worked wonders for me. I went from 15 or more headaches a month, to four or less.

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A Dream Come True, Linda Dolezan
Aug, 2018
Physicians: Sapna Patel, MDKatie Trumbley, PARafeek Woods, MD

There’s been a lot of tears but everyone at Lakeland has been so compassionate and caring.

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Standing Tall , Karen Benedix
Nov, 2017
Physicians: Rafeek Woods, MD; Sherrell O'Donnel, DO, FACOI; Kevin Drew, MD

Before my surgery I was bent over and couldn’t stand up straight – that’s all gone now.

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A World Without Barriers to Successful Aging, Vanessa Elliott
Mar, 2017
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MDKeith VanOosterhout, MD

Dr. Sikorski did a fantastic job explaining everything to me.

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Putting the Pieces Together , Jeanne Krisher
Dec, 2016
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MD

I decided that I needed to put my trust in Dr. Sikorski.

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Niles to St. Joseph - One Big Family, Becky Laymon
Nov, 2016
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MD

They treated me so well, and encouraged me without making me feel ‘less than’. They truly became my family.

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Therapy Program Offers Big Results for Parkinson’s Patient , Ron Momany
Sep, 2016
Physicians: Robert Ward, III, DO 

LSVT helped me, and I think there’s some benefit for anybody with Parkinson’s disease

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We're Going to Fight , Rick Ledesma
May, 2016
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MD; Peter Lai, MD; Edmund Paloyan, MD

I remember knowing that my prognosis was terminal and I asked Dr. Sikorski what we would do now.

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Knowing When to Act FAST, Jean Wenger
Nov, 2015
Physicians: Rosa Johnson, DO

I’m grateful for the staff at Lakeland who are well versed in their field and truly care about the well-being of each patient

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