PITCH program

Cover Your Bases

Lakeland’s PITCH (Pitching, Injury Prevention, Throwing, Conditioning and Hitting) Program is an off-season, after-school series of baseball-specific workouts. Participants can elevate their performance and improve their skills through sport-specific training exercises designed to improve throwing, hitting and fielding.

The program emphasizes:

  •  Baseball-specific shoulder, abdomen, and back strengthening

  •  Improvement in general conditioning

  •  Individual training in all exercises and drills

  •  Pre- and post-program testing

  •  Plyometrics for quickness and agility

  •  Soft toss and batting tee

  •  Video analysis and drills to improve throwing efficiency and form

Participants can start at any point during the off-season. For more information, call Lakeland Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Health Park Medical Suites, at (269) 556-7150.

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