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We are beginning to build a brand new Pavilion and we will be providing convenient offsite parking and comfortable and timely transportation to and from the Medical Center in St. Joseph. Despite all the effort and planning, we know there will be inconveniences. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

New Pavilion Fly Through

parking map april jpg
Parking FAQ


Here are 5 things you should know about parking at Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph

  1. The new lot which runs between Napier and the parking garage is open available for team member and visitor parking.
  2. The A-Tower parking lot has shut down and will be permanently closed for the duration of the pavilion construction project. Team members who would normally park in this lot need to park in either the Napier/Langley lot or the new lot along Napier Ave.
  3. The new ER drive and ER patient/visitor parking area off Morton Avenue (the old lab entrance) will be open on April 24, 2017. Parking in this area is restricted to ER patient/visitor parking only. No team member or physician parking.
    1. We also ask team members to not use this drive as a drop-off point when arriving or leaving work. This will be a congested drive with ambulance, police, and patient traffic.
  4. Also on April 24, 2017, the new heliport will be opening and that same day the removal of the old helipad will begin.
  5. We have two important building door egress route closures to alert you to. Both are scheduled to close for ALL pedestrian traffic on April 24, 2017.
    1. The A-Tower entrance which enters/exits from the 2nd floor of the patient tower.
    2. The team member entrance which enters/exits by the old helipad.  

Reminder: If you can, please schedule meetings off-campus as parking will continue to become tighter during this next phase of construction.

EMERGENCY DRIVE: The drive will connect to Morton Avenue leading to the existing ER circle drive. Just to the side of the new driveway will be a parking lot with 21 ER patient and visitor only parking spaces. There will also be nine parking spaces next to the ER circle drive for handicap patients and visitors. 

CONSTRUCTION OF NEW LOT UPDATE: The new lot has 60 new spaces and will be a gravel lot until it can be asphalted. Please be cautious while driving around the construction during this time. There will be a concrete pedestrian walk across the road, a pedestrian signage with a yellow flashing light, and additional street lights to increase illumination.

To see more updates on parking and other information you need to know CLICK HERE

Construction has started!

Construction of the new Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph Pavilion is in full swing. Dr. Loren Hamel had the chance to test out some of the equipment with the help of our friends at Turner Construction Chicago.

Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-137 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-142 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-048 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-123 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-036 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-073 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-218 Pavilion Contruction_Dr.Hamel-204

3D Model of the build

Times Lapse of the Project Build

Lakeland Health Clinical Pavilion Addition from OxBlue Corp. on Vimeo.

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