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July 20

As excavation work begins in Area C near the receiving dock, we ask all team members to refrain from walking through that area to and from the parking garage. Team members should use the outpatient radiation oncology entrance instead. Please use this entrance for at least the next two weeks, as work on the water main will also begin and the area may become more congested with one-way traffic. Please continue to watch this page for the latest updates. Thank you for your cooperation.

February 1 

Starting Monday at 6 a.m., team members (including leadership) may park on the new fourth floor of the parking garage! Please note the stairwells will be open. However, the public elevator will not be operational for a few more weeks.

Students should continue to park at First Church of God (FCOG). However, team members who have been parking there can return to on-campus parking. Until the end of the Pavilion Project, parking at FCOG will remain available should a team member choose to park there. Shuttles will continue on the current schedule.

Over the coming weeks, construction teams will also be doing cosmetic work to the elevator lobbies, stairwells, and exterior of the garage. The parking decks will remain open.

Although we have made great progress in restoring on campus parking, please consider alternatives to scheduling any large events during the day that may bring additional team members on campus.

We would like to thank you for your gracious patience and understanding during the last few months. We appreciate that you made the extra effort to park off campus so that our patients and visitors could park on campus. 

January 15

As we continue to make progress on the Pavilion project, parking requirements on the St. Joseph campus also continue to change. Please refer to the following guidelines for the most up-to-date parking information:

  •  Team members may now park 24 hours a day in the parking lot at Napier & Langley and River lots.

  • Parking garage:
    • Team member parking is available on the second and third level of parking garage. Do not park in designated visitor and volunteer parking.  Security blocks off 13 spaces each day, Monday through Friday, for mid-shift team members on the third level.
    • The entire first floor is visitor parking. Most of the up ramp to the second floor is also designated visitor.
    • Basement level is reserved for Radiation Oncology patients and physicians, as well as the up ramp from the basement to the first floor. This ramp has designated signage.

  • Nursing students should continue to park at First Church of God. There is no “day shift” parking for nursing students in the parking garage or in the hospital parking lot. Second and third shift nursing students may park in team member parking on campus.

  • All leaders should park at First Church of God.

  • There are 90 minute parking spots available in the parking garage for team members coming from other campuses for short meetings.  These are located on the ramp between the basement and first floor (look for signage).

  • Team members coming on campus for training and meetings still must comply with Lakeland team member parking guidelines and not park in visitor parking.

  • ER Parking: ER parking is only for patients and visitors 24/7.

  • We project the new fourth floor addition of the parking garage will open on January 30.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

January 10

Good news! Effective today, January 10, the River lot has been reopened, restoring 30 parking spots on campus.

December 29

Effective Monday, January 2, we will regain some of our on-campus parking at Lakeland Medical Center, St Joseph, approximately 150 spots in the garage. Please note that the 30 spots in the River lot will currently remain unavailable. An update will be posted as soon as they are reopened.

December 20


Effective Monday January 2, 2018 we will regain some of our on-campus parking at Lakeland Medical Center, St Joseph.  Approx. 150 spots in the garage and 30 spots in the River lot.

So what does that mean? 

  1. We are asking our frontline team members who have been parking at First Church of God, to please return to campus and park in either our Napier Langley lot or 2nd and third levels of our parking garage.
    • As in the past, please do not park in our designated visitor or volunteer parking.
  2. We request our management team members to please shift your parking from the Cedarwood parking lot, over to the First Church of God in an effort to get you closer to the hospital. We will in-turn increase our bus service frequency to and from First Church of God. We will move our management team back on campus once the 4th floor of the parking garage is open.
  3. We further ask our students to please remain parking at First Church of God.
  4. Construction workers will continue to park at Cedarwood parking lot.

I want to thank all of the dedicated team members who have helped us over the past few months by parking off campus. You truly brought your heart to work each and every day.

Rich Matthews

Director Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

December 4

Team Members,

  1. Over the next few weeks our Pavilion construction project will be receiving large shipments of structural steel. These are large trucks which will be using the entrance off Langley Ave and driving through the side road by the Helipad. Please use extra caution when using this entrance.
  2. This Saturday the parking garage construction team will need to close the basement level vehicle entrance to the parking garage periodically throughout the day, so please plan on using the 1st floor entrance.
  3. Next Saturday, December 9, 2017 the parking garage construction team will need to close the 1st floor level vehicle entrance to the parking garage periodically throughout the day, so please plan on using the basement floor entrance.
  4. Over the next two weeks the River lot will experience periodic closures to allow the staging of a large crane which will be placing precast concrete onto our parking garage. These closures will displace up to 62 cars which will have to park either at First Church or Cedarwood parking lots.

These periodic closures are absolutely necessary to ensure a safety buffer zone is maintained when the crane is picking up and moving the precast concrete.

SAFETY ALERT.. Over the past two weeks we have had 4 incidents between the hour of 0645 and 0715, in which our own associates have almost been hit by vehicles traveling at excessive speed, and running through our on-campus stop signs.  I cannot imagine anything more tragic that one of our own associates getting hurt or killed by another associate who was using excessive speed because they were late to work.  Please slow down on campus, come to a complete stop at our stop signs, and watch for associates crossing our crosswalks early in the morning. I would encourage you, if you observe an unsafe act, say something. If possible get a license plate number, description of the car, then report the unsafe act to our security team so we can follow up with the team member.

Thank you for your help in making our campus a safe place to work.

Rich Matthews

Director Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness

As of October 16

A message from our President & CEO:
Thank you for your understanding during our construction project, your commitment to using temporary parking lots and buses, and to not parking on neighboring streets. The City of St. Joseph continues to support our expansion, and we appreciate their partnership in approving our requests as we develop our St. Joseph campus. Part of that agreement is that Lakeland would provide alternate parking so that area residents would not be impacted. We ask that our “Team” members “Respect” our neighbors and remain “Accountable” (the T-R-A in TRAITS) to parking guidelines during the next few months. 

~ Loren B. Hamel, MD, President & CEO

New items:
90 minute parking spots have been reserved in the parking garage for team members coming from other campuses for short meetings. These are located on the ramp between the basement and first
floor (look for signage).

The River was reopen by Monday, October 23. A portion of the lot will be used by the construction crew periodically until the garage project is complete.

The ice arena temporary parking for Lakeland will end on October 31.

Students at that time should park in the First Church of God lot.

By mid-November, 200 (more) parking spaces will again be available. The garage project is expected to be completed by January 1, 2018.

September 18

Be Present When Walking!

Some tips and reminders are:

  • Be aware of drivers
  • Walk in groups
  • Do not use cell phones or electronic devices
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Never rely on a car to stop
  • Only cross at designated crosswalks
  • Do not wear headphones

Continue to be mindful of your surroundings!

September 5

Howard Ice Arena Pick up Times
(will adjust as needed)


5:45  a.m.

6:00  a.m.

6:15  a.m.

6:30  a.m.

7:00  a.m.

7:15  a.m.

7:30  a.m.

7:45  a.m.

8:45  a.m.


August 28, 2017

Bike racks are now located at:

  • The laboratory entrance
  • Near the patient tower, by the construction trailer 
  • In the parking garage, 1st floor by the elevators, and basement level by the elevators

Your generosity can make a difference.