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Be an Inbox Ninja
Mar 6, 2019 Share

Recently, you have probably received an email or two with a subject definition that you may not have seen before. Lakeland has recently adopted this standard used throughout Spectrum Health to highlight the importance of the email. Here are the official definitions:

• ACTION: requires action. Example: ACTION: Agenda for approval

• INFORM: informational, no response/action required. Example: INFORM: Workday update

• REQUEST: ask for permission or approval. Example: REQUEST: PTO form attached

• URGENT: use with discretion and consider follow up with phone call. URGENT: Question before meeting today

Managing all the emails you receive can sometimes be challenging. View this infographic for tips from the Advisory Board on how to be an “Inbox Ninja” and if you’d like to learn more, a 30-minute webinar is available here: Inbox Ninja Webinar

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