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Lakeland Takes Charge of Battery Waste
Jan 12, 2018 Share

Lakeland Health team members have committed to recycling lithium, lead acid, and nickel batteries at our Niles, St. Joseph, and Meadowbrook locations. In Niles, 205 pounds were collected in 2016 and 325 pounds in 2017. In St. Joseph, 794 pounds were collected in 2016 and 1,952 pounds in 2017. At Meadowbrook, Roger Bush of Graphics reported that team members have prevented 731 pounds of dead batteries from being sent to a      landfill since the program’s inception in 2013!

To participate, look for marked collection boxes at your location. Boxes are accessible year round. Batteries are periodically boxed, weighed, logged, and sent from the EVS department for disposal. We encourage all Lakeland team members to participate.

“I’d like to thank everyone who participates in this worthwhile endeavor,” said Roger. “Not only is it an easy way to help the environment, but you’ll feel good for doing it.”

Your generosity can make a difference.