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Top Honorees Recognized at Annual Service Awards Banquet
Nov 30, 2018 Share

On Tuesday, November 27, more than 60 team members from across the organization were recognized with “Waves of Gratitude” at the annual Service Awards Banquet. The evening included a red carpet entrance, photo booth, live harp music, catered dining, heartfelt videos, and even a lively game of Lakeland trivia.

Banquet attendees were honored in five-year increments for their dedication to Lakeland, from 20 to 45 years of service. The evening began with special remarks from Lakeland leadership. Honorees also took a trip back in time as they watched videos featuring headlines, music, and entertainment from the previous decades and a video featuring the history of Lakeland.

Dan Hopp, Chairman of the Board, addressed honorees at the event, stating, “Tonight, we celebrate you—part of a group who has contributed a combined total of almost three thousand years to serving patients at Lakeland. Congratulations and thank you to each honoree.”

President Loren B. Hamel, MD also shared his gratitude with the honorees, stating, “I’m inspired by the compassion, commitment, and care you’ve shown to our patients each and every day.”

This year, 12 honorees celebrated 40 years of service at Lakeland: Marilou Balsis, Larry Cowden, Sandy Daignault, Cindy Darr, Curtis Griffith, Linda Hadley, Carl Kelley, Judy Louder, Deborah Machurick, Patricia Marvin, Deb Newboles, and Jennie Stocks.

The top honorees of the evening celebrated 45 years of service: Diana Masten, Susan Newcomer, Brenda Peet, Sandra Smith, and Betty Tilly. The banquet concluded with Susan Newcomer and Sandra Smith taking the stage to share some of their earliest and fondest memories of their time at Lakeland.

To view photos and a list of all honorees, click here

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