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Like it Didn’t Even Happen Share
Amy Waller

Oct, 2017

Physicians: Roy Winslow, MD

Working as an administrative assistant at Andrew’s University, Amy Waller knows people depend on her daily. So, when she began vomiting and experiencing pain in her abdomen, she feared whether or not it would cause her to miss work.

When her symptoms didn’t seem to dissipate, she scheduled an appointment with her primary care provider in Berrien Springs who confirmed she had gallstones. Amy would need surgery to remove her gallbladder, a small pouch that sits just under the liver and releases bile to help digest food.

Having undergone hysterectomy surgery 10 years prior with the da Vinci robot, Amy knew she wanted a minimally invasive approach this time around as well.

“When I underwent hysterectomy surgery in Washington D.C. I had a great experience with minimal pain and only four small incisions,” she said. “However, after doing some research online, I learned about a robotic surgery approach with single site entry through the belly button. I knew that’s what I wanted and I set my sights on finding a surgeon who could do it.”

Amy was pleased to learn that general surgeon, Roy Winslow, MD, was capable of performing this type of robotic surgery.

“Dr. Winslow was very personable and took the time to answer all my questions,” said Amy. “You could tell everyone on my care team brought their hearts to work. They also cared for my husband and kept him informed of how things were going during and after my surgery.”

Since Amy’s surgery was performed in the outpatient setting she was able to return home the same day.

“Not only did I value being able to heal at home, it also kept the cost down significantly as opposed to staying overnight in the hospital,” said Amy.    

With no bandage or stiches involved, Amy experienced minimal discomfort. Her surgery was performed on a Friday and she was back to work the following Monday. Her pain and vomiting were gone and she was no longer limited in the types of food she could eat.

“The surgery interrupted my life very little – it’s almost like it didn’t even happen,” she said. 


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