Restore a More Youthful & Relaxed Appearance

Our expressions often are visible signs of how we feel. When we are angry we may frown, creating a furrowed forehead or brow. A low or sagging brow may make us appear sad or tired – even when we are not. Unfortunately, for some people such characteristics are, or can become, permanent – either as a result of overactive muscles in the forehead and brow region, heredity, or the way in which we age.

If you are bothered by the development or presence of expression lines or other signs of aging in the forehead and brow region, a browlift (also called a forehead lift) may be right for you. In general, a browlift corrects a low-positioned or sagging brow, smooths furrows across the forehead and between the brows, and helps to restore a more youthful and relaxed appearance. Typically, an endoscopic technique is utilized to minimize scarring, speed recovery and maximize effectiveness. The Endotine™ brow fixation device has been instrumental in obtaining excellent and long lasting results in our browlift patients.