Womens Health Services

It’s no secret…women are different. 

Throughout your journey as a woman, you have special health needs. Lakeland is committed to offering exemplary care in each stage of life whether it’s preparing for a birth, managing menopause symptoms, or diagnosing any number of disorders. 

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An Ounce of Prevention, Clara Smith
Oct, 2017
Physicians: Mary Beth Good, PA; Roy Winslow, MD

I feel like I got a second chance at life.

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Catching Cancer Early, Kellie Tyler
Sep, 2017
Physicians: Elizabeth Jeffers, MDBenjamin Gielda, MDSapna Patel, MD

I trusted my care team and knew that Dr. Patel had my best interests in mind.

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Becoming a Family of Three , Christine
Jun, 2017
Physicians: Tracy Anderson, CNM

We are so thankful for the care we received while at Lakeland.

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A New Alissa in Town , Michelle Mattimore
May, 2017
Physicians: Alissa Conklin, MD

I would highly recommend BellaNova to anyone who asked me.

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The Dream Team , Jackie Johnson
Apr, 2017
Physicians: Jonathan Osburn, MDSapna Patel, MDRoy Winslow, MD

I really am convinced I had the dream team.

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The Beat Goes On , Rosalie Johnson
Apr, 2017
Physicians: Dilip Arora, MD; Dave Chalupa, PA; Abhimanyu Beri, MD

Dr. Beri explained everything about the procedure.

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A World Without Barriers to Successful Aging, Vanessa Elliott
Mar, 2017
Physicians: Christian Sikorski, MDKeith VanOosterhout, MD

Dr. Sikorski did a fantastic job explaining everything to me.

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Erasing Cancer, Patty Grau
Mar, 2017
Physicians: Roy Winslow, MD; Edmund Paloyan, MD; Benjamin Gielda, MD

I experienced very minimal side effects – it didn’t really even feel like I had surgery.

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“I Didn’t Want to Die Young”, Shelley Wilkinson
Feb, 2017
Physicians: Michael Schuhknecht, DO

Finding Dr. Schuhknecht saved my life.

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100 Pairs and Counting , Gyl Kasewurm
Feb, 2017
Physicians: Kenneth Edwards, MD

Life is simply too short to live with pain that can be fixed relatively easily.

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