Eating Healthy On the Go

Eating Healthy

Important to Plan Ahead

Summer is the perfect time to pack up the car and hit the road for a family vacation. However, it can be easy to give in to your favorite junk food temptations while traveling. They’re cheap, portable, and easy to store whether you’re in the car or thousands of miles in the air.

“No matter what the method of travel may be, the most important aspect to healthy eating while traveling is planning ahead,” said registered dietitian, Heather Collins.

Travel in the Car
Often when driving long distances, we tend to get bored which may trick our brain into thinking we are hungry instead. However, when your stomach is in need of a snack it’s hard to say no. Packing a cooler or bag with snacks in the car will not only keep you from pulling over at the next rest stop, it will help save money at the same time.

“Instead of stopping to eat at a restaurant, research your route ahead of time for places such as a park or small lake to enjoy a picnic and a short walk before getting back in the car,” said Heather.


Plan ahead and pack portable, healthy snacks in your carry-on bag. Keep in mind, it is important to pack snacks that can be carried through security and avoid any liquid items above 3 ounces. However, if you are unable to pack healthy options before your flight, many airports offer an array of convenience stores or restaurants for you to purchase salads, fruit, or other healthy snacks before takeoff.


Most hotels offer continental breakfast buffets for their guests, but they may not always include healthy options. Although the food may look delicious, avoid temptation by bringing your own healthy foods and have breakfast in your room instead. Most hotel rooms have mini refrigerators you can use to store your items that need to stay cold. You can also order breakfast foods individually instead of enjoying them buffet style which will again help with portion control.

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