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Counseling for Depression

*Depression Counseling ... Counseling, also called talk therapy, has been found to be as effective as medication in treating ... to better understand your thoughts and feelings. Counseling for Depression For some people ... 84261; counseling for depression; depression, treatment, counseling; depression, treatment, talk therapy

Recovering from Addiction: Continuing with Counseling

*Addiction Recovery Counseling ... smoother and keep you on track. Recovering from Addiction: Continuing with Counseling The road to ... Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's "treatment finder": http://findtreatment.samhsa,gov ... 84349; recovering from addiction, continuing with counseling; addiction, recovery, counseling maintenance

Topic Index - Medical Genetics

Abnormalities: Overview of Trisomies and Monosomies Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) Trisomy 18 & 13 ... Genetics Medical Genetics Home Overview of Birth Defects Chromosome Abnormalities ... , Teratogens, Non-Traditional Inheritance, Birth Defects Testing, Genetic Testing, Genetic Services

When to Seek Genetic Counseling

High Risk Pregnancy - When to Seek Genetic Counseling ... Genetic counseling gives you information about health concerns that run in your family. When to ... Seek Genetic Counseling Genetic counseling gives you information about health concerns that run in ... genetic counseling, genetic evaluation; clinical geneticist; inherited diseases; chromosome

Overview of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)

Medicine and alternative methods of managing pain Psychological counseling Identifying ... as a result of a disease, disorder, or injury. Overview of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Mental Health: Finding the Help You Need

provide services that include diagnosis and counseling. The cost of counseling services depends on ... health coverage. These centers offer a range of mental health treatment and counseling services

Prenatal Counseling

Counseling Click on the links below to learn more about this topic. Birth Defects Pregnancy Over Age 30 Types of Genetic Diseases ... prenatal counseling, Genetics, Birth Defects, maternal age and pregnancy, Genetic Diseases

Topic Index - High-Risk Pregnancy

Conditions and Pregnancy Nutrition Prenatal Counseling Birth Defects Pregnancy Over Age ... Overview First Trimester Screening Second Trimester Screening Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP ... Preconception Care, Prenatal Counseling, Maternal testing, Fetal Testing, Pregnancy Complications

Genetic Services for Cancer Diagnosis: When, Where, How

need genetic counseling. Generally, you can find genetic counseling and other genetic services at large ... of experts who offer services like cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling, and genetic ... genetic services, family history, genetic diseases, familial cancer

Cancer Survivors Can Develop PTSD, Too

counseling in the first year after cancer diagnosis. "We need psychological evaluation and support ... treatment for unrelated conditions. Counseling and support are key. For example, the study found that

Overview of Pregnancy Loss

trimester. Overview of Pregnancy Loss What is pregnancy loss? Pregnancy loss is the death of an ... about the treatment that is best for you. Counseling and support of the family are important. Your

Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Psychiatrist

These specialists work with the rehabilitation team to offer counseling and support for the ... psychological needs of the patient and family. They are not medical doctors, but have earned a PhD

Hospice Care Overview

Hospice care usually involves relieving symptoms and providing psychological and social support ... , comfort, and dignity. Hospice Care Overview What is hospice care? The word "hospice" means "a

Discharge Instructions: Giving Yourself Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) (Overview)

*TPN Overview Dc ... Dx: TPN Overview ... overview of TPN. It has reminders and tips about what you’ll need to do each day. Ask your ... discharge instructions total parenteral nutrition overview; tpn; overview of total parenteral ... nutrition; overview of tpn; using total parenteral nutrition

Identification, Treatment, and Prevention of Birth Defects

Replacement Therapy Before Your Next Pregnancy When to Seek Genetic Counseling ... Human Genome Project, Vitamin, Gene, and Enzyme Replacement Therapy, Genetic Counseling

Being a Caregiver

Program can offer help and support in areas like chore services, education, and counseling. The NAC and ... "Formal" caregivers are paid for their services and have had training and education in providing ... caregiver, private caregiver, caregiver services

Start Skin Cancer Prevention Early, Health Experts Say

of their young, fair-skinned patients, suggests the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Those ... months old, according to new recommendations from the task force. "Providing behavioral counseling

AHA: Virtual Counseling Helps Lower Blood Pressure

AHA: Virtual Counseling Helps Lower Blood Pressure MONDAY, July 16, 2018 (American Heart ... counseling to medical therapy helped lower high blood pressure and the estimated risk for developing heart

The Latest on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

. And counseling with cognitive behavioral therapy can change the way you think about your health ... information A comprehensive overview of CFS , published in the British Journal of Pharmacology

Treating Schizophrenia

medicine and counseling (psychotherapy). It also may involve help with social and life skills ... often, treatment includes both medicine and counseling (psychotherapy). It also may involve help with

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