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If time or distance prevents visiting your loved ones in the hospital, there are other ways to let them know you are thinking about them:

Call the patient:

Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph - (269) 983-8300 
Lakeland Hospital, Niles – (269) 683-5510
Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet – (269) 463-3111

Send flowers or other gifts through our gift shops - Visa and MasterCard accepted

Send a patient greeting – your message will be personally delivered by a Lakeland volunteer

Click here to stay in touch with a patient and send them a greeting.

*We cannot deliver greetings to patients in our Emergency Room or patients who are receiving outpatient surgery or diagnostic testing. Greetings are delivered during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Lakeland does not assume responsibility for the delivery of email and Lakeland Health assumes no liability of any kind for the e-mail and the information contained in the e-mail sent to patients.


"It's so unknown to me," she told Willie Geist in an interview airing in full on September 10. "I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my RN jobs and this is one where I'm like, 'Okay, it's out of my hands,' which is kind of a fun rachel."


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