Learning through Shadowing

Interested in shadowing a health care provider in a health care setting, an observer is typically on site for eight hours or less.

Lakeland Health welcomes and encourages observers to participate in both structured and observational experiences throughout the organization in area’s such as Physical Therapy, Radiology, Laboratory, Medical-Surgical, Obstetrics, and many more. Thank you for taking the time to review these important guidelines to ensure the best experience for both you and our patients at Lakeland Health. Please review the information below to assist you through the placement process.

1. Please complete the below application for observation consideration

For Physician observations please click here

For Physician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner observations click here

For observing all other professions click here

2. Please review prior to observation

Observer Overview

Observer Orientation Handbook

High Performance Culture

Drug Screen for Observers

Reference Guide & Requirements for Observers

Observer Frequently Asked Questions

3. Please print, sign, & bring to observation site

Observer Orientation Completion Form

Observer Agreement

Parental Consent Form 


  • If observational experience will exceed 16 hours, the observer will need to complete the student requirements and include proof of additional hours needed, immunizations, drug screen, and background check. For a complete list of student requirements please click here.
  • If observer is not affiliated with a school system, they must adhere to the student process to include 5 panel drug screen and criminal background checks.
    Influenza - required for placement that will occur during flu season; October 1 through April 30.

For further questions, contact: Rebeca Hamlin at or 269-927-5193 or review the Observer Frequently Asked Questions found above.

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