Updated Name: Lakeland Health

triple-logo-webUpdated Name Reflects Lakeland's Mission

If you look closely at the front cover of this issue of HealthCurrents, you might notice a change to the Lakeland name. Lakeland HealthCare has officially been renamed Lakeland Health to better fit the organization’s mission to enhance health and serve the surrounding community.

“This change is intended to more accurately communicate our mission of addressing the overall health needs of our community, from wellness and prevention to treating illness in acute situations,” said Dan Hopp, Chairman of the Lakeland Board of Directors.

Lakeland’s logo retains its familiar graphic element alongside the new Lakeland Health name. The updated name and logo has already been appearing on the new Lakeland website, advertising, and in other materials. “We anticipate the transition to our new name to be seamless for everyone,” said Loren B. Hamel, MD, President and CEO of Lakeland Health. “Community members will still be able to recognize us as the same organization they know and trust for their family’s health needs.” 

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