Changing the Way Women Fight Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful and emotional. However, if caught early, you may have the option of avoiding weeks of radiation treatment with Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). Kellie Tyler, Cancer Survivor

For women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, treatment often includes six or more weeks of radiation. IORT allows certain patients to receive a single, targeted dose during surgery.

The new therapy, minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs. It has also proven less costly, with limited side effects. Results have been so promising, Lakeland Health was asked to participate in the international TARGIT-B trial focused on the treatment.

It is important you have the advice and support of your breast care team before making an informed decision. Talk to your physician to see if IORT is right for you.  

Mammograms are key to early detection. Lakeland offers three convenient locations to serve you. 

Click here to schedule your mammogram appointment.

Read how IORT technology at Lakeland Health was able to help Kellie Tyler in her fight against breast cancer - click here.


Hear radiation oncologist, Benjamin Gielda, MD, talk about this exciting new therapy:

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