Pelvic Health

Does Your Child Have Pelvic Health Difficulties?

  • Does your child avoid going to sleepovers because he/she still wets the bed?
  • Does your child over the age of four continue to need a pull-up training diaper?
  • Has your child experienced difficult or infrequent bowel movements that cause pain when eliminating?
  • Does your child have stains in his/her underwear?
  • Is your child experiencing constipation issues?
  • Is your child having difficulty controlling urination or having frequent accidents?
  • Pelvic health issues can be stressful and overwhelming. If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help find a solution for your child.

    Bladder and Bowel Independence for Young Individuals

    The Lakeland Rehabilitation bladder and bowel program is designed to help children overcome difficulties controlling their bladder and bowel. Our occupational or physical therapists evaluates every child to determine the most appropriate individualized pelvic health program. Treatments may include:

    • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening
    • Personalized bowel/bladder charts
    • Biofeedback using special sensors and a computer monitor to display information about pelvic floor muscle activity
    • Dietary consultation
    • Family education

    Commitment to the pelvic health program takes discipline. Each child, depending on the type of program, is expected to be an integral participant with family support. Working together with families, our therapists will formulate a plan to promote bowel and bladder independence in your child.

    We are here to help!

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