Hand Hygiene

Preventing the Spread of Infection

To prevent the spread of infection, Lakeland is committed to have all staff members, patients, and visitors practice proper hand washing. For your convenience, we offer sinks and hand foam in all patient rooms. Please be sure to wash your hands when entering and leaving a patient room and encourage your friends and family members to do the same. Please also know that we encourage you to remind your care team of our hand hygiene policy – it’s okay to ask anyone you see at Lakeland if they have washed their hands.

Here are a few reasons why hand hygiene is so important to your care:

  • Germs are everywhere.
  • Sick people get infections easier.
  • Infections can keep patients in the hospital longer.
  • Even healthy people can spread germs.
  • Using either soap and water or a waterless alcohol hand rub is extremely effective at reducing the number of germs present on the skin. 

Remember, It's OK to ask your caregiver and family members to clean their hands... your health may depend on it.

Your generosity can make a difference.