Preventing Falls

Your Safety is Important to Us

By following these steps, you, your family and friends can help us to reduce your risk of a fall:

  • Always follow your health care team’s instructions about whether you should stay in bed or need help to go to the bathroom. 
  • Use your call button to ask for help when you need to get out of bed or cannot reach something that you need. Someone will respond as soon as possible, wait for them. 
  • When you get out of bed, sit on the side of the bed briefly before you stand up. 
  • Be sure to use your walker, cane, or wheelchair if you have any of these. 
  • Wear non-skid footwear. 
  • Use the handrail while in the bathroom. 
  • Be sure to tell us about any dizziness, weakness, balance, or vision problems. 
  • Do not lean on your bedside table or IV pole. They are on wheels and may roll. 
  • Please let your health care team know as soon as possible about any spills or dangerous conditions. 
  • New medicines may have side effects. If you notice any symptoms after taking a medicine for the first time, tell your nurse.
Your generosity can make a difference.