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Wound Center Earns National Hyperbaric Accreditation
Dec 27, 2018 Share

The Lakeland Wound Center recently earned renewal of full accreditation from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). Lakeland is just one of four health systems in Michigan to hold the accreditation, which is awarded after a rigorous evaluation of equipment, staff, and training.

Hyperbaric treatment involves medical oxygen administered in a pressure chamber at levels higher than atmospheric pressure. This pressure helps oxygen dissolve more rapidly into the blood, promoting healing of wounds, serious infections, pressure-related scuba diving injuries, arterial gas embolism, and other illnesses.

“Accreditation by UHMS means that our facility adheres to the highest standards of care in providing this service to our patients,” said Julian Lewiecki, Program Manager, Lakeland Wound Center. “We are thrilled to be recognized and accredited by this organization.”

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