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It’s Personal: New Guidelines Recommend Customizing Cholesterol Treatment Plans

Heart Care-May 2019 ... cholesterol control Recently, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association ... of information can offer a window into your heart health. High cholesterol often has no symptoms ... cholesterol levels; cholesterol guidelines; heart disease; heart disease prevention

Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight

*Heart Failure Tracking Weight ... much water and salt. This could mean your heart failure is getting worse. Weighing yourself each day ... is the best way to know if you’re retaining water. Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight You have ... Cardiology; CHF; cardiovascular; Cardiac; heart; failure; weight; weight management; cv1065a; 82087; cad1050; Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight

Understanding Transradial Cardiac Catheterization

*Transradial Cardiac Cath ... Cardiac Cath, Transradial ... heart problems. Why do I need a transradial cardiac cath? You may need a cardiac cath if signs ... problems. Tests may include stress tests, heart scans, and echocardiography. During a cardiac cath ... ; cardiac cath; heart problems; cardiology; angina; coronary artery disease; heart valve disease; heart muscle problem ... 90717; Transradial Cardiac Catheterization; Transradial Cardiac Cath; cardiac catheterization

Echocardiogram Podcast

Cardiac Ultrasound ... Ultrasound, Cardiac ... An echocardiogram can measure heart structures, such as the heart's pumping chambers, the size of ... the heart itself, and the thickness of the heart walls. Echocardiogram Podcast Detailed

Cardiac Stress Test: Exercise Imaging

. Cardiac Stress Test: Exercise Imaging An exercise stress test shows how fast your heart is beating ... imaging cardiac stress test to see how well the blood moves through your heart when it works hard. The ... heart disease; heart tests; stress tests; treadmill; coronary artery disease; CAD; exercise stress test; echocardiogram; cardiology; cardiovascular

Cardiac Rehabilitation

term. Cardiac Rehabilitation Physical activity is healthy for your heart—even after you've had a ... heart attack or bypass surgery. It's important to start out slowly, under the supervision of cardiac ... heart; heart health; cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac rehab, heart attacks, heart disease, bypass surgery, angioplasty; cardiovascular; cardiology;

Heart Failure: Being Active

*Heart Failure Being Active ... helps to strengthen your heart. If you can’t get out to exercise, you can do simple stretching and ... strengthening exercises at home. Heart Failure: Being Active You have a condition called heart ... Cardiology; cardiovascular; Cardiac; heart failure; active; exercise; cv1066a; 82088; CHF ... ; exercising; Congestive heart failure; Aerobic; Exercises; Heart Failure: Being Active

Intimacy and Heart Disease: Resuming Sexual Intimacy

*Intimacy Heart Disease Resum Sex ... sex with a partner you know well, in nearly all cases, will not cause a heart attack (also known as ... cause a heart attack. In fact, it takes only about as much energy as climbing two flights of stairs ... Cardiology; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Cardiovascular; heart attack; myocardial infarction; mi; mental ... health and sex; intimacy and heart disease; sexuality and heart disease; cv1119a; 83134; cad1072; after; resuming sexual intimacy after heart disease

Intimacy and Heart Disease: Talking with Your Partner

*Intimacy Heart Disease Partner ... An intimate relationship is built on being able to share feelings. The stress and worry of a heart ... attack or surgery can upset this closeness. Intimacy and Heart Disease: Talking with Your ... Cardiology; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Intimacy and Heart Disease Talking with Your Partner ... ; Cardiovascular; heart attack; myocardial infarction; mi; heart disease and mental health; heart disease and

Understanding Heart Valves

*Heart Valves ... The heart contains 4 valves. The valves open and close to keep blood moving in the right direction ... through the heart. With each squeeze, the valves open and close to keep blood moving forward ... Cardiology; heart valves; cardiovascular; understanding aortic tricuspid valve; mitral valve ... ; heart attack; myocardial infarction; rheumatic; Circulatory; Cardiac; cv1100a; 83094; heart valve; mitral; pulmonic; tricuspid; cad1059

Manage Your High Cholesterol with These Moves

Heart Care-August 2018 ... ”) cholesterol. Just remember this equation: aerobic activity + resistance training = boosted heart rate and ... = boosted heart rate and better cholesterol levels. (Yeah, sorry—we’re throwin’ some math at you.)  Need ... p10916; cholesterol; high cholesterol; heart health; exercise; fitness; power walking; high-intensity interval training; weightlifting

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Heart

MRI Scan of the Heart ... disease.   When heart valves become damaged, it can block blood flow in the heart. Cardiac tumor ... no special type of care needed after a MRI scan of the heart. You may go back your usual diet and ... Heart Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Heart Cardiac MRI, Heart Cardiac MRI Scan

Catheter Ablation

Cardiac Ablation ... This procedure guides a tube into your heart to destroy small areas of heart tissue that may be ... your heart beat too fast or in an irregular pattern. During the procedure a healthcare provider ... catheter ablation; heart arrhythmia; arrhythmia; radiofrequency ablation; ventricular fibrillation;

Binge Drinking May Spell Heart Trouble for Young Adults

Heart Care-December 2018 ... Young adults who regularly engage in binge drinking may be putting their heart health at risk ... . December 2018 Binge Drinking May Spell Heart Trouble for Young Adults A study recently published

Having a Hysterectomy May Increase Heart Disease Risk

Heart Care-July 2018 ... congestive heart failure. Learn other ways to protect your heart  All women can reduce their risk for ... heart disease and other health problems. Now, a study published in the journal Menopause has found that ... p10912; hysterectomy; heart disease; obesity; high cholesterol; high blood pressure; women's health

Heart Failure: Evaluating Your Heart

*Heart Failure Evaluate ... looking for signs of heart failure, the doctor looks for any other health problems that may have ... led to heart failure. Heart Failure: Assessing Your Heart You have a condition called heart ... 86179; cv1148a; CHF; Heart Failure Evaluating Your Heart; cardiac disease; cardiac; disease ... ; diseases; heart failure; Heart Diseases; Congestive Heart Failure

Get Moving—Even While Binge-Watching TV—To Reduce Your Blood Clot Risk

Heart Care-September 2018 ... can block some of or all the blood supply to the lungs. That causes a serious life-threatening

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization procedure can diagnose a variety of heart conditions and determine the ... health of your coronary arteries, heart valves, and heart muscle. View this video to learn what happens ... cardiac cath; cardiac catheterization; heart tests; echocardiogram; cardiology; heart disease; cardiovascular

Don’t Have High Cholesterol? You Still Might Need a Statin

Heart Care-October 2018 ... waxy substance your body uses to break down fatty foods and make hormones.  Your liver produces all ... flushed from the body. Having higher HDL levels decreases your risk for heart disease and stroke ... p10931; statins; high cholesterol; diabetes; cardiovascular disease; HDL cholesterol; LDL cholesterol; heart disease prevention

The Cardiologist

and transplant cardiology. This focuses on care for people who have heart failure. They may need a ... heart care, or have had heart conditions in the past. Other doctors may consult with them about heart ... cardiology; heart disease; heart attack; heart failure;

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