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Cancer: Communicating with Others

*Oncology Communicate Others ... Now that you are facing treatment for cancer, you may have concerns that you want to share. If you ... do want to talk, you may not know how to start. These ideas may help. Cancer: Communicating with ... 83854; cancer, communicating with others; cancer, communicating with others; communication tips, cancer

Endometrial Cancer: Discharge Instructions for Hysterectomy

*Cancer Endometrial Hysterectomy Dc ... Here is what to expect after a hysterectomy. Endometrial Cancer: Discharge Instructions for ... ). This sheet will help you take care of yourself at home after one of these procedures. Make sure you ... discharge instructions for hysterectomy; endometrial cancer; endometrium; gynecology; oncology; 86287; women's health

Cancer: Preventing Infections

*Oncology Infecs Prevent ... , follow these tips. Cancer: Preventing Infections Chemotherapy can make your body less able to ... take extra care to prevent infection at that time. Protect yourself Keep your hands clean. To ... Oncology preventing infections; cancer; on1014a; 82307; chemo

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Cancer HC Team Ch ... about your child’s health. They will help you and your child cope with cancer and its treatment. They ... specialist or nurse practitioner.  A nurse who gives care to children with cancer. These ... 40339; cancer in children, your child's health care team; child cancer, health care team; pediatric cancer, health care team

Cancer: Coping With Hair Loss

*Oncology Cope W Hair Loss ... chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause hair loss. But if it does happen, these tips can help. Cancer ... occurs because these treatments affect normal cells as well as cancer cells. Not all types of ... Oncology coping with hair loss; cancer; on1013a; 82305; chemotherapy; chemo

Resources for People with Cancer

*Resources Cancer ... You can’t fight cancer alone. Reach out. Seek support from family, friends, and others who care ... treatment. Resources for People with Cancer You do not have to fight cancer alone. Reach out. Seek ... Oncology; patient; information; General; resources; resources; cancer; oncology; on1022a; 82317

Giving a Subcutaneous (Sub-Q) Injection (Single Medicine)

*Injection Sub Q Giving ... Dx: Giving a Sub-Q Injection ... your health care provider has prescribed for you. Push the needle into the rubber stopper of the ... Step-by-step instructions for giving yourself a subcutaneous injection of medicine. Giving a ... giving a subcutaneous injection; giving a sub-q injection; subcutaneous injection; sub-q injection ... giving a subcutaneous injection; discharge instructions for giving a sub-q injection; homecare for

Cancer Treatment for Children

Cancer, Treatment ... who work together to find, treat, and care for children with cancer is called the cancer care team ... . The cancer care team may include any or all of these providers, plus others: Primary healthcare ... cancer, cancer treatment, childhood cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy

What Is Breast Cancer?

*Cancer Breast ... Noninvasive breast cancer happens when cancer cells are only in the ducts. Invasive breast cancer ... . Metastasis happens when cancer cells move into the lymph nodes or bloodstream and travel to another ... What is breast cancer; Breast; breast cancer; cancer of breast; cancer in breast; breast health ... carcinoma in situ; metastasize; cancer; women's health; gy1031a; 82941

Breast Health: Preventive Care

Preventive Care, Breast Health ... Breast Health ... your doctor. Breast Health: Preventive Care Breast self-awareness Finding breast cancer early ... cancer risk to decide on the best preventive care plan for you. The American Cancer Society (ACS ... breast health, breast cancer prevention, breast self examination, breast self exam, clinical breast exam, mammography, mammogram

Kidney Cancer: Treatment Discharge Instructions

*Cancer Kidney Tx Dc ... When you’re being treated for kidney cancer, you’ll need to take good care of yourself at home ... or use soap on the treated area of your skin. Ask your health care team which lotion to use ... discharge instructions for kidney cancer; renal cancer; nephrology; oncology; 86290; renal surgery; kidney transplant; renal transplant; kidney surgery

Skin Care During Radiation Therapy

*Radiation Therapy Skin Care ... . The ones you have depend on the location of the tumor. These tips can help you care for your skin ... after radiation therapy. Skin Care During Radiation Therapy Radiation therapy can cause side ... Oncology; Skin Care During Radiation Therapy; Oncology; on1021a; 82316

Discharge Instructions for Surgery for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum

*Cancer Colon Rectum Dc ... Dx: Colon-Rectal Cancer ... You have been diagnosed with cancer of the colon and rectum (also called colorectal cancer). This ... will help you remember how to care for yourself after surgery. Discharge Instructions for Surgery ... discharge instructions for colon cancer; rectal cancer; colorectal cancer; gastroenterology; 86286; oncology; rectum

Breast Implants May Hinder Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Health - July 2013 ... cancer. Breast Implants May Hinder Breast Cancer Diagnosis Contrary to what you may think ... , women with breast implants aren't immune to breast cancer. In fact, a recent study suggests they may be

Oncology: Controlling Constipation

*Oncology Control Constipation ... . Oncology: Controlling Constipation Difficulty passing stool (constipation) is a common side ... effect of cancer treatment. Constipation is when you have any of the following: You aren't moving your ... Oncology controlling; constipation; on1010a; 82302; chemo; chemotherapy; radiation

Discharge Instructions After Surgery for Cancer of the Thyroid

*Cancer Thyroid Dc ... Dx: Thyroid Cancer ... The most common treatment for thyroid cancer is thyroidectomy, the surgical removal of the thyroid ... gland. Here is information on how to care for yourself after surgery. Discharge Instructions ... discharge instructions for thyroid cancer; endocrinology; oncology; thyroidectomy; 86296; thyroid cancer treatment

Discharge Instructions After Treatment for Cancer of the Testicles

*Cancer Testicles Dc ... what to do at home after surgery for testicular cancer. Incision care Tips for incision care ... You have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in ... discharge instructions for testicular cancer; testicles; oncology; urology; 86295; treatment for testicular cancer

Discharge Instructions for Cervical Cancer

*Cancer Cervix Dc ... the cancer, the procedure, your age, and your overall health. Be sure to follow any specific ... nurses or other hospital staff about having an aid through a home health care agency, if needed ... discharge instructions for cervical cancer; cervix; gynecology; oncology; 86285; cervical cancer

Discharge Instructions for a Brain Tumor

*Cancer Brain Dc ... of these 3. The guidelines provided here are for general care. Discharge Instructions for a Brain ... healthcare provider. The guidelines provided here are for general care. Make sure you: Understand ... discharge instructions for brain cancer; neurology; oncology; brain tumor; 86284; brain cancer

Types of Surgery for Breast Cancer

*Breast Cancer Surg Types ... Several surgical procedures are used to treat breast cancer. The goal of each is to remove the ... cancer. Based on medical factors and your own feelings, you and your surgeon will decide which approach ... radical mastectomy; mastectomy; surgery; breast cancer; oncology; women's health; cancer; breast cancer treatments; gy1032a; 82940 ... cancer surgery; Surgery; Breast Treatments; Oncology; lumpectomy; simple mastectomy; modified

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